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We all know Palm Sunday is the church's celebration of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, but what was it all about, really? What was on the minds of Jesus and his disciples as he took his place on the back of that donkey and rode into the holy city, to the acclamation of the jubilant crowd?

The best Christian minds have been trying to figure that out ever since.

Was he making a bid to be declared Messiah, leading a popular movement to overthrow the Roman overlords? Was he parodying the triumphant parades of conquering Roman generals, bearing witness to the more powerful spiritual reality of the kingdom of God? Was it all a bit of gentle fun on a sunny day, that the powers-that-be misinterpreted as a threat to their dominance? Did the mob spontaneously anoint him as their savior, or was the whole event carefully planned?

We may never know the answer to those questions for sure.

We do know that, not long after the jubilation of the triumphal entry, things turned disastrously wrong. Hosannas gave way to laments, as the shadow of the cross loomed over all.

We who follow Jesus are quick to join the crowds shouting "Hosanna!", but do we truly comprehend what it means to follow him to his journey's end on Calvary? Are we prepared to set aside some time, during this week called "holy," and reflect on who we are, and why we need a savior?

That's what "hosanna" means, by the way. It doesn't mean "hurray" or "hallelujah." It means "Save us!" It's a plea for help.

Are we ready to open ourselves to the hope he offers, the hope of new life in him?

To that end, I invite you to join us here at Lamington Church not only on Palm Sunday and Easter, but also on Maundy Thursday, March 29 at 7:00pm. We'll join our Lord and his disciples in the Upper Room, as he breaks the bread, offers the wine and invites us to take, eat and truly live.

A blessed Holy Week to you and yours!

Pastor Carl
Let's Dream Big!
Reminder to Parents of Children & Youth
You are invited to attend a Christian Education Committee meeting after worship this Sunday, March 25 in one of the upstairs classrooms. Please come and share with us and Pastor Carl your thoughts, hopes, ideas, and vision for the education of your children's Christian faith! Childcare will be available during the meeting.
We're especially interested in meeting with parents of youth of confirmation age (grades 7 and higher), so we can know which Lamington young people are ready to begin the confirmation process, and talk about what sort of scheduling would work best for that group in the coming months. So, please do drop by the Christian Education meeting so we can know of your interest and plan together!
Palm Sunday  - March 25 at 10:15AM
Maundy Thursday  - March 29 at 7:00PM
Good Friday  - March 30 - Sanctuary open
for quiet prayer and reflection
Easter Day - April 1 - 9:00AM & 11:00AM
(egg hunt immediately after 9:00AM worship)
Your Gifts Make Hope Possible

Lamington Church will receive a special offering for One Great Hour of Sharing this Sunday, March 25—Palm Sunday.

One Great Hour of Sharing, a special offering of the Presbyterian Church (USA), supports projects that help break the cycles of poverty, hunger and thirst, as well as providing aid during times of crisis. The One Great Hour of Sharing offering goes to endeavors that support water, hunger, disaster relief and empowerment programs. By focusing on these four areas, One Great Hour of Sharing is able to address some of the core causes of suffering in our world.

One of the causes supported by the One Great Hour of Sharing offering is Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), that deploys teams of volunteers in this country and around the world to aid in disaster recovery: both natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes, and human-made disasters like war and terrorism. You can read more about the latest PDA responses on their web page .
To All Basket Day Volunteers
We're Taking a Group Selfie!

J oin in on the fun! We will be taking a group photo this Sunday, after worship, and we want to include as many of our Basket Day helpers of all ages as we can—and of course Pastor Carl and Claire too! 

Be sure to bring or wear props, such as aprons for Presbyterian Palate, a flower pot, skirts for Twirly Girls, your favorite Basket Day hat, etc. The photo will be sent to local papers and online publications along with our press release—so let's show the local community what a fun group we are!

Please let us know if you or your family members will be available on Sunday. And parents, please be sure to give the church permission to use a photo of your child, since the image will be sent to local papers.
If anyone has a selfie stick, please bring it on Sunday, it would be enormously helpful! 
Have questions? Want to let us know your coming?
Contact Melinda Nye, Marketing Co-Chair
(908) 787-2020
Three Ways to Help with Basket Day

1.    Donate to Treasure Tent 
Start your spring cleaning now and deliver your "treasures" to the LPC basement (all the way to the back please). Alternatively, the Treasure Tent will be up for your donation deliveries on May 1. We accept everything but books, clothes and stuffed animals. We do accept designer jackets, coats, handbags and jewelry. Questions? Contact  Julie Goetz  at ( 908) 313-8336 ,   Ann Silk  at ( 908) 812-5933  or  Dana Miller  at ( 917) 304-5061   .

2.    Donate to Silent Auction
The Silent Auction is open for donations of fine jewelry, china, vacation homes, tickets to events like Broadway shows and more! Please contact  Carol Cummins  at ( 908) 625-4568  to let her know what you intend to contribute and for any questions.

3.    Donate to Presbyterian Palate
Co-Chairs Eleanor Halsey (908) 342-4206 and Susan Scott   (908) 442-3200 are now accepting commitments for Presbyterian Palate dishes that help to make Basket Day such a success year-after-year. Drop by the Basket Day table during coffee hour or contact them about cooking and donating your favorite dishes. Containers are available in the Gladish Room. Freezers will available for your dish drop-offs by the second week in April. For help with labels, contact Susan.

We Need Liturgists !
Volunteering to read scripture is a wonderful way to participate in Sunday worship. Please consider giving to the church with your time & talents. Beginning with April 8, all Sundays going forward are in need of a liturgist! Please call or email the church office if you would like to sign up for one of these open Sundays. A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
Upcoming Liturgists
Sunday, March 25
Rich Ramsay
Easter Sunday, April 1
9:00AM - Nivita Thomas
11:00AM - Duncan Rose
Sunday, April 8
Deacons on Duty
Sunday, March 25
Sallye Grubel & John Gordon
Easter Sunday, April 1
9:00AM Eleanor Halsey & Joe Scott
11:00AM John Gordon & Laurel Rose
Sunday, April 8
Hunter Lewis
A Note to the Deacons

 To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Thomas at (908) 450-7278, . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office. Click here to view the Deacon Worship Duties.)
Coffee Hour Hosts for the Month

Sunday, March 25 - Lori & Bob Luciano
Sunday, April 1 - No Coffee Hour (Easter Sunday)
Sunday, April 8 - Cindy Nicol
Sunday, April 15 - Patty & John Muchmore

Each member/family at Lamington Church has been invited to host a Sunday coffee hour. A postcard reminder will be sent sometime before you are scheduled. If you are unable to host on your assigned day, please call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at . To view the coffee hour schedule through June 24 -- click here.

Instructions for coffee hour set-up can be found in the church kitchen. You can also click here to view the coffee hour instructions .
The Upcoming Week at Lamington

Sunday, March 25--Palm Sunday
8:45AM Choir Practice
10:15AM Worship Service
10:30AM Church School
after worship-- Christian Ed Meeting
after worship-- Basket Day Photo Op
11:45AM Lamington Bell Choir
Tuesday, March 27
7:00PM Common Threads Ministry
Thursday, March 29--Maundy Thursday
7:00PM Worship Service
Friday, March 30--Good Friday
Office Closed
Sanctuary Open for quiet prayer & reflection
Sunday, April 1--Easter Sunday
9:00AM Easter Sunday 1st Worship Service
between services--egg hunt immediately after 1st Worship Service
11:00AM Easter Sunday 2nd Worship Service

Save the Dates!
Sunday, April 22 after worship
The Annual Meeting of the Congregation
Friday, May 11 & Saturday, May 12
Preview Night 6:00PM & Basket Day 9:30AM-4:30PM
Sunday, May 20 at 4:00PM
The Installation of the Rev. Dr. Carl Wilton as Pastor of LPC
Do you have a question? Please contact us!
The Rev. Dr. Carl Wilton
(908) 910-5360

James Goldsworthy
Director of Music

Bess Ploener
Director of Handbells

Regina Morris
Office Manager
(908) 572-7013
Church Office Hours
Monday-Friday 10:00AM to 3:00PM
(908) 572-7013

Sunday Worship at 10:15AM
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