LPK Membership Renewal  2017 Season

Pool preparations are underway!

Please renew your membership today and submit payment for your 2017 dues.

See below for 2017 rates.

Payment methods:
Check payments:
  • Please print and complete the 2017 Membership Registration Form, attached here.  
  • Mail the completed form, with a check, to Lake Park Swim Club, 6333 Lakeland Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612.
PayPal payments 
  • LPK is glad to offer PayPal as a convenience, but we want you to be aware that PayPal charges us 3% of your payment as a fee for this service.  The terms of their agreement prevent us from adding a surcharge to cover this cost.  
  • For our non-profit association of members, every dollar counts! Please consider voluntarily adding 3% to your payment to cover the PayPal fee. 
  • Click here to register and pay online
Coming Soon: Online Bank Transfer Payments
  • In order to allow for online payment without the PayPal fee, we are working on a setup to accept online bank transfer.  
  • If you prefer this option, please let us know so that we can keep you posted, LPKMembership@gmail.com.
Pool Membership Plans - 2017 Season
Family - $575
Couple - $400
Individual Adult - $275
Senior Couple (60+) - $300
Senior Individual (60+) -$225
Family - $600
Couple - $425
Individual Adult - $300
Senior Couple (60+) - $325
Senior Individual (60+) -$250
Complete details available at lakeparkpool.com
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