We are looking forward to fall and a busy year end! Next month is our annual Shred Party – October 11 th  from 2pm to 4pm. Start gathering your private paper so it can be shredded and made into toilet paper!

It is time for tax reviews and year-end tax planning again, so expect to hear from us soon if you haven’t already. 

In the meantime, we’ve heard more and more lately from victims of identity theft and thought it was important to pass along some “lessons learned” and protection tips. As one client told us, “we are savvy enough to use electronics for Facebook, Words with Friends, downloading newspapers while we were on vacation; but are vulnerable because of our basic ignorance about how all of this works.” 

Here are a few reminders based on recent events:

  • Do not allow anyone access to your computer. Any call purporting to be from “Microsoft” or “Apple” tech support is fake.
  • Do not use a public WiFi connection without a VPN, or at least a password to get in. When you are away from a trusted connection (i.e. home WiFi) do not log into any sites with passwords, including email, financial sites or even social networking sites.
  • Do not overlook regular monitoring. The default assumption should be that your information is “out there,” and it is best to watch for any unusual transactions or changes to your credit report.
We have other recommendations for you, along with some things we do to strengthen your protection: Identity Protection Tips

As always, thank you for being wonderful to work with and don’t hesitate to let us know your questions.

The LPP Team 

When : October 11th from 2-4pm
Where: LPP Office
What: LPP Annual Shredding Party

Come and enjoy food and beverages while your documents are shredded on site!
Life Planning Partners, Inc.