Thursday - 11/13/14


Dear Coalition Members and Supporters:

Yesterday the CTIA - the Wireless Association, the potential buyers in the Spectrum Auction, and the driving force to see that LPTV spectrum and licensees are totally destroyed in the process, filed an opposition to all LPTV requests and proposals the industry has made.  They even had the nerve to say we were not broadcasters, and did not deserve any protections or considerations during the auction and repack. 

And today we got attacked by the Google-plex and their unlicensed spectrum advocates wanting more spectrum from us in the auction. Also today the FCC refused to request from the cable industry key data on contracts they have with LPTV stations which we need to see.  In other words, we are being attacked from all sides, on all issues, and everyone wants what we have, or to deny us our spectrum usage rights!

In front of us are a long series of legal filings, a lot of research, meetings, and industry event traveling so that we can defend our collective rights and develop future opportunities.  For those of you which have not yet participated in funding this process we need to make a commitment now to do so.  Most of you know that I take all calls and emails and make myself available as needed to help whether you have paid or not. And I now need you to do the same as best you can.

If you already have financially helped out recently, a big thanks, it really has made a difference to get us to the place we now are - a feared and respected voice in the process.  But for those of you who have been sitting on the sidelines it is time to show some support.  And for those of you who are not yet members I need you to remember that we have been keeping you informed, and we would appreciate your involvement.  You do not have to be publicly identified if you want to remain behind the scenes.

We are busy preparing our new organizational structure, complete with some surprises which will really be able to help your LPTV business and investment a lot in 2015 and onward.  But now in 2014 we need to make sure we can get done the legal work and all of the other expenses it takes to speak truth to power, and show up here in DC as needed, everyday, and when the players in the game can meet.

For now we will make it simple and easy - just click on this link and provide whichever level of funding you want.  It all will be put to good use immediately and you will feel good knowing you are helping to protect your own business and investment in LPTV.

If you would rather send in a paper check using snail mail:

LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition
c/o Mike Gravino
4849 Connecticut Ave NW #314
Washington, DC  20008

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