Thursday - 11/13/14 - 11:30 AM Eastern

The LPTV industry was attacked today in an Opposition to Petition for Reconsideration filing by CTIA- the Wireless Association.  Here is their filing so you can read it yourself:

Here are some excerpts...

"...the Spectrum Act could not have been more clear - LPTV and translator stations are afforded few to no rights in the incentive auction process."  

"...the Commission has already done more than what was required of it to accommodate LPTV in the context of the incentive auction."

"...all petitions arguing for reconsideration of the Report and Order based on LPTV and translator issues should be dismissed."

"...All of these arguments - and similar arguments related to LPTV - should be rejected."

"...Congress' definition of "broadcast television licensee" is unambiguous - the only parties included are full-power television stations and Class A licensees."

"...the Commission should not jeopardize the incentive auction's
success by taking the steps proposed by the LPTV petitioners."

"...LPTV stations are secondary to exclusive licensed operations for interference purposes, and there is no basis for LPTV licensees to assume any extensive rights to continued operations."

So, as you can clearly see, the CTIA (which means their members), are TOTALLY FREAKED OUT BY LPTV AND THE CASE WE HAVE BEEN MAKING IN CONGRESS AND THE FCC!

All we can say is this...

"Frak you CTIA!  LPTV has the Right of Displacement and we are not going down without a battle.  You will have to fight us for all 60,000 MHz we currently have licensed and have permits to build out.  Your auction isn't happening for years more now, if ever.  Deal with it, or get out your check books and buy us out now."

The Spectrum Act specifically says that current (2012) LPTV spectrum rights and rules should not be changed.  They are listed here for you to review:

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Mike Gravino, Director
LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition