Wednesday - 11/26/14 - 2:00 PM Eastern

As the day before Thanksgiving rounding around was taking place, and the season's first nor-easterner came blowing through DC, we got word from an LPTV legal counsel that the LPTV NPRM was finally going to be published in the Federal Register this Friday, the 28th.  Being a short 30-day process this meant that the deadline would fall right in between Christmas and the New Year, and not a good time at all for the LPTV industry.

The Coalition went into rapid reaction mode and sent an email to the FCC and Incentive Auction Task Force requesting a two-week extension of the filing process to mid-January 2015.

Our reasons for this were:

"1)  LPTV licensees, operators, and the networks they carry are predominately small businesses, and as such, as all extremely busy during this holiday, and end of tax year season.  Faith broadcasters and their networks are especially busy during this period, as are the networks carried on LPTV.

2)  The intra-holiday period is a key vacation time for legal and engineering counsel.

3)  The extra burden to be placed on these small businesses is unreasonable.

4)  The PR and political fall-out of this timing will be counter-productive to the process.

At least a two-week extension, until mid-January is warranted.  This is a reasonable request in light of the already extensive burden the auction is placing on the LPTV and TV translator industries, and their related network, product, and service providers."

Within an hour the FCC granted our request for a two week extension to mid-January, and said it will be filed into the record on this coming Monday, December 1, 2015.  So let's thanks for the folks at the FCC working the day before the holiday for such a quick turn around.  Much appreciated.

We got your back LPTV licensees!  

Mike Gravino, Director
LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition