LPTV Industry Flash News
Monday, September 15, 2014
Today is the deadline for the filing of Petitions for Reconsideration.  We know of some that are merely trying to keep LPTV issues alive, while others are setting the groundwork for legal appeals.  When they are published we will do an analysis of them for you.

Today we learned that the LPTV Further Notice of Rule Making may not actually be on the Sept. 30th Open Meeting agenda, and may just be voted on internally among the Commissioners.

Following along with that there are two items of LPTV interest in circulation today in the offices of the Commissioners:

1)  Amendment of Parts 73 and 74 of the Commissions Rules to Establish Rules for Digital Low Power Television and Television Translator Stations.
We do not know if this relates to the LPTV FNPRM or not, but something is going to be asked to be amended.

2)  Commission Suspends Expiration Dates and Construction Deadlines For New Digital Low Power and TV Translator Stations.
Now this one is very interesting.  Does it mean that all new digital LPTV construction permit dates and deadlines will be suspended until after the auction, to a time before the auction, 5 years from now, a date coordinated with the auction timeline, or just a simple warehousing of the construction permits?  Do we need to keep filing?  Does this apply just to new CPs or the older analog to digital ones?

The Coalition will be in one of the Commissioner offices in a couple of days and we will attempt to find out what is going on, and of course we will report back.

Each week now we are being contacted by new contact providers and new networks to see how to reach out to LPTV stations for local affiliation.  We are screening these so that they know the LPTV business models and what each segment of the industry needs.  What is nice to see is that LPTV is still being thought of as a great place to launch a new content network!

We also are being offered a steady stream of LPTV properties to sell, from Class-A's to resort town new digital LD construction permits.  If you are in the market to buy or sell just let us know.  
While our numbers have grown we are still looking for LPTV licensees who want to be part of our Coalition.  Join today, we need your voice!