Thursday - Feb. 26th - AM Edition

T o finish up from yesterday's LPTV Webinar hosted by the FCC, we have obtained the slide show they presented, and put it and the transcript into easily downloadable PDF's for you,

And again the Coalition's initial response:

Our big take away from this process is that there is going to be a lot of time between now and when the final Report & Order comes out for LPTV.  While we wait we have a lot of other issues to work on.  Today was the final day for Reply Comments into the Part 15 NPRM, which deals with unlicensed and TV White Space use within the post-auction reorganized TV band.

We recommend for your weekend reading the following:


Breakthrough Post-Auction DMA Repacking Studies

During the FCC LPTV Webinar this week, Media Bureau Chief Lake described the use of DMA simulations and how they relate to the post Incentive Auction channel repacking.  For months now the Coalition has been working with the FCC data, and has made real breakthroughs in figuring out just what may, or may not, happen to your LPTV license.  This now includes the 84-126-and 144-MHz clearing scenarios, as well as the channel-sharing, and elections to moving to the VHF by auction participants.

Use this study today to make key decisions about building out your construction permits, selling your license, and obtaining investment. 

Upgraded over our original 2013/2014 studies!


NRB Board Passes Resolution About Incentive Auction

Radioworld reports (1/25/15):

" Meeting at the annual  NRB International Christian Media Convention  in Nashville this week, the National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors passed  five resolutions  concerning major issues of the day. The resolutions concerned religious liberty, peace for Jerusalem, racial and ethnic reconciliation, Internet Title II and RF spectrum auctions."

"The board worried that the RF spectrum auctions, including that of LPTV spectrum, might push religious television broadcasters off of the air. "RB hereby calls on the FCC to take care not to auction any religious broadcaster off the air; rather, the FCC should keep the interests of the viewing public paramount in the auction proceeding and not undermine programming choices for Americans, specifically the religious and family programming that NRB TV Members provide free of charge to local communities." 


Major LPTV Station Group & Network Sends A Message To Comcast

Multichannel News reports (1/20/15):

"In a carriage disagreement, Comcast says Spanish-language network Estrella TV has pulled its signals in three markets.   The disconnect came at midnight (CT) for KETD 46 in Denver, KZIZ 44 in Houston and KPNZ in Salt Lake City.  Liberman Broadcasting-owned Estrella TV, which said Comcast forcibly removed it, is trying to upgrade its carriage from must-carry to retransmission-consent status, which would result in license fees and full distribution in the DMAs.   Comcast, which proffers more than 60 Hispanic networks as part of its Latino package, noted that it remains Estrella's largest distributor, carrying the channel in 13 other DMAs, including top Latino markets  Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago and Fresno, Calif."




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