Tuesday - 12/16/14

LPTV Motion for Leave Filed
Filed late Monday into the FCC 12-268 Proceedings is what could be the beginning of the legal case LPTV makes to get itself both included into the Incentive Auction, and to force the FCC to quantify the economic impacts for LPTV from the Incentive Auction.  It builds on over 20 Coalition filings into the record, and numerous ex parte meetings with the staff of the Commissioners, the Incentive Auction Task Force, the FCC Office of General Counsel, and most importantly now, the SBA Office of Advocacy.  The filer is FAB Telemedia, LLC.  They are a new entrant into the LPTV space, having made investments in top-20 market properties.  They have been for over a year now, both bird-dogging the FCC and its process, and making their investments.  

FAB and the Coalition have conducted joint research into the Incentive Auction process and how it impacts LPTV.  We strongly recommend that you read this filing, provided here, ahead of the posting by the FCC ECFS system, which should be available on the FCC site by mid-day today (Tuesday).  

Incentive Auction Public Notice Deep Dive
Broadcast Law Blog, by David Oxenford, Esq., of law firm of Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP in Washington, DC, provides an excellent and easy to read overview of just what the FCC Commissioners voted on last week when they adopted the Incentive Auction Public Notice, and approved a public comments period for it.  Check it out...

Fierce Wireless also does a story on the meeting, another good perspective.

TV Technology also has their own take on the meeting.

Latest AWS-3 Auction Overview and Results
The AWS-3 auction by the FCC is the new bellwether for how the TV Incentive Auction might have success.  And RCR Wireless is leading the way in reporting about it on a daily basis.  Check out Monday's analysis here.

Spectrum Developments In Europe
Grab a cup of Joe, green tea, chai, Red Bull, or filtered water, and go carefully through this slide show which Nokia submitted into the Incentive Auction proceedings.  Learn about the possible futures we here across the pond could be soon facing ourselves.

Sinclair's David Smith Beats The Drum For ATSC 3.0
Our friends over at TV NewsCheck report on the big dog himself, the CEO of Sinclair, David Smith, as he makes his case for ATSC 3.0.  Sinclair has a lot of TV translators, so we understand why Sinclair would be interested in LPTV.  But we would really like to know how this 3.0 thing will work its' way down to us, do we have to wait until the primary stations first use it, or could we get access to it sooner?  Remember, Sinclair tested 4K broadcast using an LPTV station in Las Vegas.  

LPTV Senator Alerts
If a US Senator from your state in on the Senate Commerce Committee, you really need to let them know what you are going through related to the long 1200+ day now process with the Incentive Auction.  

With the Republicans winning the  Senate, there is a Senate Commerce Committee shakeup, especially related to broadcast television issues.  Seven new members are joining, including four Republicans: Sens. Jerry Moran (Kan.) and Sens.-elect Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Cory Gardner (Colo.) and Steve Daines (Mont.). On the Democratic side, Sens. Tom Udall (N.M.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Sen.-elect Gary Peters (Mich.) are joining.  


The committee is losing Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) to retirement and Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Mark Begich (Alaska) to reelection losses. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is giving up her Commerce assignment, and GOP Sens. Dan Coats (Ind.) and Tim Scott (S.C.) are too.  

If you would like to help sponsor the Coalition's Industry Advocacy campaigns, and have one tailored to your station and market, go here:


Make sure to make your contribution to our industry's common legal defense, and be part of the movement to save LPTV.  Unless we fight the auction rules and regulations now, and in court in 2015, we will not have a lot of spectrum remaining to displace and rebuild into in 2016-2020.  

Let us know if you need anything before the holidays.  You should be working on your LPTV NPRM Comments! They are due by January 12th.

We Got Your Back LPTV!

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