Tues - Share Challenge Winners: TIED!! Robinson & Kovaleski won a movie day!
Wed - Student Star Video Challenge Winner: Nerney’s class unlocked a bunch of Just Dance Go Noodle dances!
Thurs - Gift Card Challenge Winners: Finn S., Isabela P., and Liyana D.!

We have a very special challenge for THIS WEEKEND ONLY: the Weekend Challenge! Anyone who gets new donations adding up to $75 or more in flat donations will receive a Bonus Prize — the Quantum Rings! Students, get super excited to rise to the challenge! This is your chance to earn a BONUS prize in addition to your normal prizes! Remember to put all of those donations on FUNRUN.COM! Thanks for your support so far!

PK: Jurdi
Kindergarten: Conover
1st Grade: Agyekum
2nd Grade: Robinson
3rd Grade: Nerney
4th Grade: McAllister
5th Grade: Platt
Overall: Nerney!
Thank you for your support! Go Lions!
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