September, 2014 
Lakes Region Humane Society Newsletter

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Dear Friend of LRHS,
You are receiving this newsletter from the Lakes Region Humane Society because you expressed interest in our non-profit shelter by adopting a pet, requesting a newsletter, attending an event or making a donation. THANK YOU for your support and interest. Please enjoy this extended, special edition, newsletter!
Upcoming Events:


Friday Sept. 19th-Play Fore the Pets Golf Tournament & Helicopter Golf Ball Drop. $100 per player includes: breakfast, lunch, 18 holes of golf with a cart and a plethora of quality raffle items. Purchase a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Ticket for $10 for a chance to win $1,000! If the golf ball with your ticket number on it lands in the hole or closest to the hole first, after being dropped out of a hovering chopper, you're the big winner. You do not have to be present to win. 


Saturday Oct. 4th- Barn Bash 2014. This event takes place in an 1860's dairy barn atop Wolfeboro's Cotton Mountain. It includes a bountiful dinner, silent auction, live folk music by String Equinox and live classic rock kindly donated by musician Robert Viscio. Tickets are $40 each and space is limited to 46 guests. This is a BYOB event. 


Friday, Nov. 7th- Nolan's Appetizer Social and Live Auction for LRHS at Nolan's Restaurant in Wolfeboro. Enjoy unlimited appetizers and a cash bar from 6-8 pm, entry tickets are $20 each. Availability is limited to 80 guests. 


Sunday Dec. 7th- Hobbs Holiday Dinner. This festive end of the year fundraiser will be held at Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Company in Ossipee, NH. Tickets are $65 and include bread and butter, salad, dinner, dessert and coffee as well as admission to participate in a live and silent auction. 


LRHS 2015 Calendars for Gifts!

This year LRHS worked very hard to produce a quality calendar which features photos and stories about pets who found homes because of LRHS supporters like you. Forget the Yankee Candle, these calendars are perfect gifts for co-workers, fellow animal lovers and friends. By purchasing a calendar from LRHS this season, you will be giving two gifts: one to your friends and one to the pets at the Lakes Region Humane Society.

President's Letter


Dear Friends of the Lakes Region Humane Society,


We have had a busy year filled with some wonderful events and many happy adoptions at the shelter. Our ever popular Fashion Show Luncheon was sold out (yet again!), and our Spring Fling dinner at Bald Peak was a delicious success!  We are looking forward to our annual Golf Tournament and Helicopter Ball Drop on September 19th and our annual Holiday Dinner on December 7th to be held at Hobbs Restaurant in Ossipee this year. We are also planning our second annual LRHS Barn Bash on October 4th. We are all looking forward to the beautifully decorated antique barn filled with delicious fall foods and live music. There will also be a fun night at Nolan's featuring cocktails and appetizers on Friday, November 7th. We are so lucky to have a wonderful group of dedicated employees, volunteers, and board members to make our fundraising efforts both successful and a lot of fun! Can't wait to see you at these upcoming events!


This year LRHS was fortunate enough to receive generous gifts from two of our outstanding supporters. Dr. Peter Gray made the amazing gift of paying off the shelter's mortgage. We now own our building and as a non-profit, it is a very secure and comforting feeling to have this asset. We thank him so very much for his gift made in honor of his wife, Ellen. We also received a very generous gift from Mrs. Carrie Crowley and her parents, E. Stan and Gladys Brown. Their bequest was put towards our Capital Improvement Fund that is in constant need of donations. The Board of Directors thanks these wonderful donors so much for their selfless generosity to our little shelter.


Many of you may think that now that we have our mortgage paid off, our need for donations may be less. Although these donations towards our mortgage and our Capital Improvement Fund help tremendously, we always have ongoing operating expenses such as heat for our furry guests in the winter, plenty of food, and medical attention for those that require it. We want to be able to help those animals in need, and with your help we will continue to be able to do so.


Thank you all so much for everything you do for the animals that pass through the doors of our little shelter. The Board of Directors and all the animals thank you.




The Animals at "The Little Shelter with the Big Heart" and Mardy Fulgham, President, LRHS Board of Directors


Below: Mardy Fulgham with her dog, Gus.


LRHS Gives Thanks to the Browns


In 2005 Gladys and Stan Brown, having been touched by the efforts of the Lakes Region Humane Society Staff and Board of Directors, unbeknownst to LRHS, bequested a generous gift of $20,000. Stan and Gladys were animal lovers who doted on their cat, a Maine Coon named Rufus whom they adopted from LRHS over 10 years ago. The Browns were married for 64 years before Stan departed two years ago. Sadly, Gladys passed on May 22nd of this year. 


It was a typical day of adoptions and surrenders when LRHS received a call from Carrie Crowley of West Newbury, MA, daughter of Stan and Gladys. Carrie, an animal lover herself and owner of an 11 year old Wheaten Terrier, was ecstatic to share the news of her parents' generous gift with LRHS Director, Megan Fichter. On Aug. 7th Carrie visited the shelter and met Megan Fichter as well as Carla Copeland, Vice President of the BOD and Karen Coan, Treasurer of the BOD.  Carrie thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of our pets as well. On behalf of the Staff, Board of Directors and pets, we want to enthusiastically thank the Browns and their daughter, Carrie Crowley, for this considerable and unexpected gift.  


Photo: Carrie Crowley (center) presents LRHS Board Treasurer, Karen Coan (right) and LRHS Vice President, Carla Copeland (left) with a donation check for $20,000 which was bequsted to LRHS by her late parents, Stan and Gladys Brown of Effingham. 

Director's Update, Megan Fichter


LRHS has had a busy summer! We saw a concerning number of unclaimed kittens delivered to our doorstep for a total of 36 kittens. Please help LRHS spread the word: Spay & Neuter your pets; if you think you can't afford it, think again! Rozzie May Animal Alliance is a great non-profit, low-cost animal care service. They offer affordable spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, wellness exams and flea and tick treatments. 


The Dog Behavior Rehabilitation Program has been in full swing since July and is proving to be a positive addition to the LRHS care repertoire. Louise Daigle, our new dog trainer, works intensively for 20 hours a week to teach our dogs the manners and social skills they need in order to find homes sooner. She has been a great resource for pet owners who call in need of training and behavior advice and has made clear progress with our dogs. We plan to offer community training classes this fall!


With the help of Jared Welman, new LRHS Board Member, past adopter and all around animal advocate, we were able to add a second outdoor exercise pen which allows LRHS dogs to enjoy the freedom of off-leash running and play. Jared's friend, Jane Peabody, ran a dog rescue and was relocating. She told Jared that if he drove the 3 hours to her shelter, he could take all the chain link fencing they had, free of charge. Needless to say, he made the trip, disassembled the fencing, drove it back to LRHS and installed our second exercise pen all by himself! 


Did you know that 74% of LRHS proceeds are generated by donations? The pets rely on us to provide quality care and homes but we rely on YOU to financially support our efforts. Please consider making a donation to help LRHS bear the overwhelming costs of heating, snow removal and general operating costs during the upcoming winter months. 

We can't thank you enough for the selfless, generosity you have already shown to help us continue the good work here at LRHS!

Farewell Frank de Ramer 

Frank de Ramer was a key player in the movement to relocate LRHS to a finer facility. His passion for bettering this non-profit was born when his wife, Pauline, began volunteering at LRHS's former location at Winner Circle Farm in Tuftonboro, which Frank lovingly referred to as, "the hell hole". 

After seeing the facility first hand, Frank quickly realized the need to campaign for a better shelter. He was a driving force behind the fundraising process- personally calling on large donors to jump in with financial support. Frank served multiple terms as LRHS Board Member, Board President, and Adviser to the Board. 

Frank spent hours each month driving from store to store collecting donations from the clear LRHS donation boxes. He was insistent that "his" boxes were kept in prime viewing locations by the shops registers. LRHS raises about $8,000 annually via "Frank's Boxes". 

As most of you know, Frank's dream of a new and improved facility became a reality in 2006 when the pets were relocated to their new home, a renovated farm house at 11 Old Rt. 28 in Ossipee. Being a former business owner, Frank was a man who had goals; his next goal was to find a way to get the LRHS mortgage paid off in full. 

Frank's second goal for LRHS came true this spring when Dr. Peter Gray vowed to pay off LRHS's remaining mortgage in memory of his wife, Ellen Becker Gray. This news came to LRHS just 3 days before Frank passed away. Frank was greatly relieved to hear of the good fortune that Ellen and Dr. Gray had bestowed upon our little shelter and was able to rest a little easier knowing his two major goals for LRHS had at last been met. 

Frank passed peacefully at home on June 12th, after a brave battle with cancer. His wife Pauline has nobly volunteered to carry on the tradition of collecting monies dropped into "Franks Boxes". In his memory, LRHS and it's Board installed a beautiful granite bench under the apple trees in our field. The inscription reads: "In honor of Frank de Ramer, who brought us home." 

Winter's Coming

Are you looking for a way to help the pets at LRHS this winter? If so, we could sure use some assistance with our heating and snow removal costs.


Any gift that you could provide would be greatly appreciated by our pets and staff during the cold, dark, winter days.



To Make a Donation:

  •  Mail a check to LRHS, PO Box 655, Ossipee,  NH 03894
  •  Go to and donate via PayPal
  •  Call (603) 539-1077
  •  Visit us in person!

Contact Us: 
Lakes Region Humane Society  P(603)539-1077  



PO Box 655, Ossipee, NH 03864

11 Old Rt. 28, Ossipee, NH 03864

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Lily's Story

Lily was brought into the Lakes Region Humane Society more than half dead, infested with fleas and malnourished at under a week old.  She was brought through our doors unexpectedly in a laundry basket along with her two siblings. During the scramble to remove the fleas from their eyes, ears, mouths, noses and bony bodies, one of the kittens stopped breathing. LRHS staff member, Sandi Boyle, tried to resuscitate her but the kitten was beyond saving. Knowing these kittens would not survive the night without a mother cat, we scrambled to find an immediate foster home for the 2 surviving kittens.


We sent out a plea via Facebook.  A woman named Judy Gagne responded and agreed to foster the two kittens. Judy just so happened to have a milking mother cat whose kittens had recently been weaned onto regular food.  What a happy coincidence!  Judy rushed over that day to rescue the two weak and tiny babies. 


Around midnight on that first night, the second of the three kittens stopped breathing and passed away leaving Lily the sole survivor of the litter.


Lily began to thrive at Judy's home, feeding from the mother cat and playing with the other kittens from the mother's first litter.  She is small for her age but is happy, healthy and alive thanks to the combined efforts of a Good Samaritan, LRHS Staff and Foster Mom, Judy.  


When she was strong enough Lily was quickly adopted out to a wonderful couple from Wolfeboro, Rody and Paul Preble. They showered her with love each day and she has developed a sassy and playful disposition which is a joy to observe.  As you can see by her photos, Lily is a beautiful miracle. We like to use her as an example to help teach our local community why it is so important to spay and neuter their pets. Had the owner of Lily's mother been a responsible pet owner, her litter mates would not have died horrible deaths.


Above: Lone survivor of her three kitten litter-Lily.

Dash's Story
A 12 year old male Dachshund was tearfully surrendered to LRHS by his owner after she came across some hard times. Upon intake, Colleen Gibson, LRHS Kennel Tech. realized something was wrong. There was a terrible stench radiating from the dog and with furthur investigation Colleen came to discover the smell was coming from the putrid infections within his mouth. 

The Kindness Animal Hospital immediately welcomed Dash in and before long had removed 12 of his infected/impacted teeth, leaving him tooth-less. The surgery was intrusive enough to require little Dash to spend two nights at the hospital for observation. 

During that time, long time employee of Kindness Animal Hospital, Nancy Perry fell in love with the little patient and asked LRHS if she could foster him at her home during his recovery to which we answered, "Of course, thank you!"

Nancy and her husband took excellent care of Dash and nursed him back to health. Although at first Dash was terrified and standoffish, he is now deeply soothed by Nancy and her husband Keith. 

Exactly one week after his traumatic surrender, Nancy took the plunge and officially adopted him! 

If this wasn't heart warming enough, the next day LRHS received a call from Nancy to inform us that Dr. Richard Seibel, of The Kindness Animal Hospital, had decided to donate all of Dash's medical expenses leaving LRHS with a $0 balance!

We couldn't have imagined a better outcome for Dash. Thank you to Nancy, Keith, and Dr. Seibel for making this touching story possible.
Above: Nancy Perry gazes lovingly at her new dog, Dash. 
Pet Education Station

Above: Megan Fichter, LRHS Director with shelter kitten, Purrrl.

Meet the Newest LRHS Board Members:

Ivette Babylon
Area of Expertise: Accountant/Finance
Pets: Chocolate Lab named Misty, a Shepherd named Camden (both fabulous flunk outs from A.C.T.S) and a 17 year old rescue cat named Sebastian. 
Hobbies: Horseback riding, dog training, cycling & hiking. 

Susan Raser
Area of Expertise: retired law enforcement (NCIS)
Pets: Lab/Poodle mix named Shiro. 
Hobbies: reading, jogging, gardening, trap shooting, training her dog & volunteering. 

Jared Welman
Areas of Expertise: Wakefield Police Officer, dog trainer, physical rehabilitation. 
Pets: Hound blend named Cooper, adopted from LRHS, & 4 Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescues
Hobbies: volunteering, mixed marshal arts, working on his house.

Rick Gagne
Areas of Expertise: Business Owner
Pets: Black Lab mix named Samantha, adopted from LRHS. 
Hobbies: spin instructor, member of several local non-profit boards. 

Katie Adjutant 
Areas of Expertise: Massage Therapy
Pets: Damascus, a female dog adopted from LRHS. 
Hobbies: baking, volunteering and being a mom.

*Holly Williams
Areas of Expertise: Manager of the NICK recreation facility, fundraising, business management. 
Pets: Hilly, a rescue dog from Happy Tails Rescue, and an adopted cat named Melvin. 
Hobbies: spin instructor, swimming instructor, running, hiking & traveling.

Congratulations Holly Williams & Brendan Aucoin on your recent engagement!