June, 2016
Lakes Region Humane Society 
Spring Newsletter

Dear Friend,
You are receiving this newsletter from the Lakes Region Humane Society because you expressed interest in our non-profit shelter by: adopting a pet, requesting a newsletter, attending an event or making a donation. THANK YOU for your support and interest. Please enjoy this extended, special edition, newsletter!

Save the Date
Friday, June 10th, high noon -LRHS Fashion Show Luncheon at the Bald Peak Colony Club, Moultonborough, NH - Sold Out. 2015 event photos

Wednesday, June 29th, 6 pm - East of Suez Summer Gala, Wolfeboro, NH. Tickets are $45 pp and include: appetizers, family style dinner, desserts, silent auction and live music. This event is BYOB.

Friday, August, 5th, 5 pm - Volunteer Appreciation Pizza Party at LRHS. Open to all of our hard working volunteers, past and present!  

Friday, September 16th, 7:30 am - Play Fore the Pets Golf Tournament, Kingswood Golf Club, Wolfeboro, NH. $100 per player includes: 18 holes with cart, Bloody Mary's, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, gift bags and fun! Tee sign sponsorships and a main event sponsor needed. 2015 event photos

Saturday, October 1st, 4:30 pm - Barn Bash Dinner, 343 Stoneham Rd., Wolfeboro, NH. Held in an 1860's dairy barn atop Cotton Mountain, this dinner is as quaint and country as it gets! It features hot foods from local restaurants, silent auction and live folk music. Tickets are $50 pp, admission limited to 46 guests. This event is BYOB. 2015 event photos

Sunday, December,  TBD  - Holiday Dinner at O' Bistro in Wolfeboro. This dinner is $55 per person and includes light appetizers, dinner, dessert, awards ceremony, live music, silent auction and raffle prizes. 2015 event photos 
President's Letter

Dear Friends of the Lakes Region Humane Society,

This year has brought positive changes, opportunities, and programs to our little shelter. With the completion of the Multipurpose Room, we have expanded our dog obedience training program. We made enhancements to our cat rooms by installing vertical climbing surfaces and transformed our smallest cat room into a second cat quarantine room. We also implemented our first Trap, Neuter, Release program for feral cats.
I was honored to meet David Fairchild, brother of Carol  Fairchild, a long-time supporter of LRHS and rescue animals.  Sadly, Carol passed away this year and left a very generous bequest to the shelter. Gifts like Carol's make  possible the expansion of services offered to the community and pets. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we have established and are continuing to grow our "Saving Grace" fund which is used for animals who require special medical attention, and are advancing the dog behavior rehabilitation training program by extending training responsibilities to trained volunteers. The Board of Directors, staff, and most of all, the animals who pass through the doors of the Little Shelter with a Big Heart, thank you for all you do.
With warmest regards,

Ivette Babylon, President, LRHS Board of Directors

Sweet Paws Rescue Project Continued from 2015

On Friday, July 10th, the Sweet Paws Inn & Sweet Tails Rescue operation was disbanded by the Ossipee Police Department. Kennel owner and operator, Laurinda Miller, was charged with cruelty to animals. Ossipee P.D. worked alongside animal welfare organizations to remove dogs from the kennel and Ms. Miller's home that very day. Ownership of the Sweet Tails Rescue dogs was quickly granted to the Conway Area Humane Society and the NH Humane Society by the Sweet Tails Board of Directors - the Rescue dogs were re-homed last year. Ms. Miller's personal dogs were placed under Protective Custody at LRHS by the Ossipee P.D. until a court date could be set.

The seven dogs in our care waited over 9 months for the trial which was finally held Tuesday, April 19th, and continued on Friday, April, 22nd. On Friday, April 22nd, Ms. Miller surrendered ownership of her seven personal dogs to LRHS so that they could be placed in new homes and be free from the stress of long term kennel life. LRHS has placed six of the seven dogs in new homes. Since last July, the Sweet Paws Inn & Sweet Tails Rescue have been shut down and Ms. Miller's home has been leveled and removed from the property. A verdict of not-guilty was released on May 11th by Judge James Patten much to the chagrin of the Animal Welfare community.

Said Lindsay Hamrick, the NH State Director for The Humane Society of the United States, " We are extremely disappointed to hear about the ruling in the case of Sweet Paws & Sweet Tails boarding facility. Without knowing the exact evidence presented in this case, photographs and information provided strongly indicate that the 59 dogs and seven cats were living in terrible conditions and seemingly without the necessary care which is required under NH's animal cruelty law. We will continue fighting to strengthen our state's laws to protect animals and to offer free trainings to law enforcement and prosecutors and judicial training to ensure appropriate penalties are handed down in cases where animals have been mistreated and neglected."
" Her neglect in care for the animals shown by the evidence presented was      reprehensible, regardless of how much trouble she was having cleaning up after her charges. However, she wasn't charged with cruelty by negligently depriving animals of necessary care by her failure to keep the animals themselves clean and dry." - Judge James Patten, 3rd Circuit Court-District Division
Above: Anastasia, 9 year old. American Eskimo Dog rescued from Sweet Paws.  Available for adoption at LRHS.
"Stop Pulling, You're Choking Yourself!" 

Dogs pull because they are born with a strong Opposition Reflex. When they feel tension or pressure they  have  to pull or push against it. Dogs quickly learn that if they pull their human around, they get to new places, smell new smells, meet new dogs, etc. In essence they are being rewarded by being allowed to pull. Well, it's time for a revolution folks!
Tip 1: Let no good deed go unrewarded. Reward your dog for  walking nicely by your side using a high value treat (string cheese or turkey dogs work great). Over time, as you continue to reinforce your dog's good walking, your dog will  want  to walk politely, by your side.
Tip 2: Keep their attention. Break up the walk by stopping randomly to ask your dog to sit, lay-down, give paw, etc., then  reward them. Dogs naturally check in with us. When your dog chooses to look at you, throw them a party by heavily reinforcing the action with treats.
So, your dog still pulls? Deep breath! You can fix this. Anytime your dog pulls  forward, stop  immediately and wait for your dog to choose to move back towards you. Don't command the dog, just wait. When the dog comes to you, make eye contact, praise her/him and smile softly, give a treat and move forward with the walk. If your dog stands at the end of the leash pulling non-stop, you can change direction instead of stopping. Once they get to your  side, make  a connection, reward with a treat and continue on. Repeat.
In summary, next time you walk your  pup bring  great treats, let no good deed go unrewarded, ask for more, make connections, prevent pulling by either stopping or changing direction, and most importantly, have fun! Dogs are in our lives because of the joy they  bring; don't  let leash manners get you down.

Leash Manners Workshop 
Louise Daigle, Certified Dog Trainer (AS, CGC, APDT, ANWI), invites you to join her for a Leash Manners Workshop at the Lakes Region Humane Society Sunday, June 26th, 1-3 pm. This hands on, 2 hour learning       session covers the tools and techniques used to teach leash manners.
Limit 10 people with their dogs. Cost $40 per dog.
Call today to reserve your space in this workshop.
Another Successful Rabies Clinic 

On Sat. March 26th, LRHS partnered with Dr. Susan Haley of the Kindness Animal Hospital to host a Low Cost Pet Care Clinic at LRHS. Perks included: $15 rabies    vaccinations, administered and donated by Dr. Susan Haley, $10 nail trimmings, conducted and donated by Kim Seibel of Two Paws Up, LLC, and $15 microchips administered and provided by LRHS.

Not only was this clinic helpful to those in need of low cost pet care, but all   proceeds went directly to  medical care for the LRHS shelter dogs and cats. We are grateful for the volunteers who were in attendance to help with check in and clean up. We are looking forward to holding another clinic this fall.

Below: Volunteers and employees strike a pose at the Clinic held at LRHS on March 26th. Left to right, back row: Dorrie Vrettos, Deb Watkins, Louise Daigle, Danita Marsolais, Dr. Susan Haley and Kim Seibel.  Front row: Constance Vaughn, Susan Raser and Grace Bartoswicz.
Remembering Carol Fairchild  

"Carol M. Fairchild was born on March 3, 1948, to a pastor father and a missionary-daughter mother. She grew up in New England, California and Indiana. After earning a Master's Degree, she pursued several related professions including: college dean, high school guidance counselor, social worker and house builder. Carol was an avid hiker, kayaker, bicyclist and wood carver, as well as a devoted animal lover. Over the years she mothered a large variety of dogs, cats, exotic birds and one monkey. Her greatest joy was spending time in nature and nurturing her beloved animals. Carol was   diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized pancreatic cancer on March 1, 2016. She was admitted to the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House in Scarborough, Maine, on March 9th, where she spent her remaining 13 days in the loving care of her family, friends, and the Gosnell staff." - Carroll County Independent & Granite State News  April 7, 2016

Carol's love of animals inspired her to bequest her savings to the pets at the Lakes Region Humane Society. For this generous and kind surprise, we could not be more grateful to her. Carol's brother, David Fairchild, sister-in-law Jan Fairchild and sister, Linda Fairchild have been most helpful in    sharing her life stories with us. It seems in addition to her compassion for pets, Carol was a "Jill of all trades" and led an adventure-filled life. We hope she will rest tranquilly knowing that her nest egg will be used to provide medical care, refuge, nourishment, kindness and ultimately, well deserved and bright futures for our furry friends. 

Below: Carol Fairchild, lover of animals, adventure and life.
Photo compliments of Carol's brother, David Fairchild.
Pet Education Station

Low Cost Spay/N euter Program
Rozzie May is a non-profit organization that specializes in low cost spay, neuters, and vaccinations in the state of NH and in Western ME.

Ask Your Vet About...Flea and tick preventives such as Frontline, Vectra or Revolution which are key in providing your pet extra protection against pesky, disease carrying, ticks and insects.

Reports of Lyme Disease in people and pets has been on the rise in NH. Ask your Vet about the Lyme Disease Vaccination for your dog! Sorry owners, this vaccination is not available to humans, yet. 

Heartworm pills should be administered orally each month, all year round. These pills can be obtained from your Vet. Mosquitoes carry Heartworms, and a simple bite can transmit the Heartworms to your pet. 

General Pet Care & Cost    

ASPCA Dog Care Guidelines         

ASPCA Cat Care Guidelines

Lakes Region Humane Society 





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11 Old Rt. 28, Ossipee, NH 03864 

Hot Dog Day  in Concord 

NH Representative, John Burt, chose LRHS as the recipients of Hot Dog Day event proceeds. The 5th annual Hot Dog Day was held in Concord on the State House lawn on May 11th. Weather was perfect and spirits were high as the State House Staff came together to enjoy a little fresh air, sunshine and picnic lunch at our capitol to benefit the pets. 
LRHS extends our gratitude to Representative Bu rt and the sponsors who donated to help make this Hot Dog Day a fundraising success.

LRHS Board Secretary Katie Adjutant, Vice President Susan Raser, Director Megan Fichter and Representative John Burt pose for a photo at Hot Dog Day in Concord, NH.
LRHS Wish List   
  • Pedigree Chopped Chicken 
  • Canned Dog Food        
  • String Mop Heads
  • Mr. Clean Magic Sponges   
  • Friskee's Chicken Pate  
  • Canned Cat Food                        
  • Paper Towels
  • Dawn Dish Soap                 
  • Laundry Detergent                   
  • Toilet Paper
  • Dish Sponges                         
  • Dryer Sheets 
  • Scratching Posts
  • Instant Rice 
  • Baby Food-Poultry Based 
  • Contractor trash bags
The Pets Thank You!
Marketing Opportunities 

LRHS is accepting advertisements for the 2016 Fall Newsletter. $100 entitles you to a business card sized ad. These newsletters are printed and mailed to over 2,500  local animal lovers. The eNewsletter is sent via Constant Contact, shared on the LRHS Facebook page and Website, and seen by thousands of pet owners!

If interested in advertising or sponsoring a fundraising event, contact LRHS Director, Megan Fichter, at  603-539-1077 or mfichter@lrhs.net
LRHS Offerings: 

Dog Training - Year round group or  private consultations just $60-$150


Nail Clippings - $12


Microchipping - $30


Low cost pet carriers/crates


Haveaheart Trap Rentals

- $30 refundable deposit


Volunteer Opportunities


Pet Library - "check out" our     educational library - it's free! 


Military Discount

- $20 off dog and $10 off cat adoptions for veterans.


Senior-to-Senior Discounts

- If you are 65+ years of age and adopt  a  cat or dog 7+  years of age, you will receive $20 off a cat adoption, or $40 off a dog adoption.
Ponder is an eight year old neutered male cat who has been living at LRHS since August of 2015, when a good Samaritan found him wandering the streets and brought him into safety. 

Ponder is in the early stages of kidney disease. While his lifespan will be abbreviated by this disease, he is still deserving of a happy home in which to live out his remaining years. He is on prescription food to help counteract his symptoms and will need to stay on this regimen. 

Don't let Ponder's medical issue dissuade you from giving him a chance. He is a happy, loving, low maintenance cat who enjoys sunny windows, being held, warm laps and napping. His adoption fee has been fully sponsored by a generous admirer. 

We are looking for a truly selfless person to give him love and comfort in the years he has left. Are you that special person?

Below: Ponder, shelter pet seeking his forever home. 

LRHS Board of Directors
Ivette Babylon - President
Susan Raser, Co. V.P.
Joanna Fuller, Co. V. P.
Karen Coan, Treasurer
Katie Adjutant, Secretary
Barbara Schmidt
Carla Copeland
Elaine Luke
Holly Williams
Joanne Walsh
Linda Pacheco
Lindy Viscio
Susan Cullison
Advisors to the Board

Carole Hunt
Linda Williams
Jim Allan
Jane Milligan
Judy Lawless
V. Richard Ward Jr., Esq.