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Guelph ranks high in World University Rankings
University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is the top ranking veterinary school in Canada and number seven worldwide, according to the 2018 World University Rankings. Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) ranked in the number two spot in Canada, and in the top 17 worldwide.

U of G prof awarded prestigious fellow
Integrative biology professor Merritt Turetsky is the only Canadian named as one of 15 recipients of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Leshner Fellows for 2018/2019. The program is intended to enhance communication between scientists, engineers and the public.
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Guelph prof receives funding for blockchain project
Computer science professor Rozita Dara is leading a team that's using blockchain technology on soybean traceability to develop processes to collect, analyze and store data. The project is one of 15 funded under the Gryphon Leading to Accelerated Adoption of Innovative Research (LAAIR).

  Making News

CVO looking for new advisory panel members
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) is taking applications for a new public advisory panel. Ten positions are available for a three-year term, to members of the non-veterinary public to contribute to the development of veterinary policy.

Beef research mentorship program calls for applicants
The Beef Cattle Research Council is accepting applications for its research mentorship program until May 1, 2018. The program partners researchers with two mentors - a producer and an industry expert - to facilitate greater engagement of upcoming and new applied researchers within Canada's beef industry.
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Nominate a Farm & Food Care Champion
Nominations are open until March 21, 2018 for the annual Food & Farming Champion Award presented by Farm and Food Care Ontario. Do you know an individual, organization or business making a difference in promoting the Ontario agriculture industry and engaging with consumers? Nominations application information is available here.

Meat science students eligible for travel award
The Canadian Meat Science Association has a special travel award to provide up to $2,000 towards a student's attendance at the International Congress of Meat Science & Technology (ICoMST). The application deadline is March 21, 2018. The award is jointly funded by the Canadian Meat Science Association and the Associate Members of the Canadian Meat Council, and application information is available here

  LRIC Update
Calls for Poultry Proposals Currently Open

Details on open calls for research proposals are available online. Log into LRIC's research management system by clicking here

Note: Poultry Letters of Intents are accepted on-line year-round.  A response on a letter of intent can normally be expected within 6 - 8 weeks from submission.

Any questions can be directed to

Calls for Swine Proposals Currently Open

Ontario Pork has opened a call for Letters of Intent (LOI) for swine research projects that focus on the Ontario swine industry.  Highest priority and consideration will be given to research proposals and projects that address issues and questions that are specific to the Ontario pork industry or that will specifically provide benefits or improve the competitiveness of Ontario producers.

Register by clicking here  to access the application and funding and priority documents.

Any questions can be directed to
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Mar 19, 2018:  Chicken Farmers of Ontario Annual General Meeting, Mississauga ON, 

Mar 20 - 21, 2018: Ontario Pork Annual General Meeting & Banquet, Guelph ON,

Mar 21, 2018: Ontario Goat Annual General Meeting, Woodstock ON,

Mar 27 - 28, 2018: London Swine Conference, London ON,

Mar 27 - 28, 2018: Egg Farmers of Ontario Annual General Meeting, Niagara Falls ON,

Apr 4 - 5, 2018: National Poultry Show, London ON, 
Apr 11, 2018:   Farm & Food Care Ontario Annual Conference , Milton ON,
Apr 12, 2018: Poultry Industry Council Ag Lenders' Day, Guelph ON, 

May 2, 2018: Poultry Industry Council Research Day

June 28, 2018: LRIC Annual General Meeting, Guelph ON
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Oct 15 - 19, 2018: World Dairy Summit, Daejon South Korea

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New/alternative proteins: Many consumers willing to try lab-grown meat
A new survey of 1,000 consumers in the UK and US found nearly one third of respondents would try cultured meat - defined as real meat grown from cells in a laboratory and not sources from animals. The survey found that Americans (40%) were more likely to eat cultured meat than those in the UK (18%).

Poultry: Soybean meal improves broiler performance
Researchers in the UK have discovered that including processed soybean meal in broiler diets resulted in significantly better feed conversion rates and body weight gain. Including the meal in broiler diets didn't affect feed intake until day 14.

Poultry: A closer look at the impact of ammonia
University of Guelph researchers are investigating control strategies to help reduce the release of ammonia into the atmosphere from commercial poultry operations, and the impact of manure on bird health and welfare.

Swine: China moving to artificial intelligence to track pigs
A new collaborative deal has been announced in China that will use artificial intelligence to collect and store more comprehensive tracking, behavioural and health data on the country's 700 million pigs.

Swine: Studying piglet survival strategies
French researchers have created a list of dos and don'ts for maximizing piglet survival. The strategies were developed by surveying 66 farrow-to-finish herds that have more than 15 piglets born per litter, to highlight successful practices that support piglet survival.

Swine: Plants hold antimicrobial potential for piglet diarrhea
Danish researchers are looking at antibacterial plants as potential feed additives in organic and conventional hog operations. The researchers discovered a combination of ramsom and acidic berries carry strong and synergistic antimicrobial activity, and show potential as an alternative to conventional antibiotics for preventing and/or treating post-wean diarrhea in piglets.

Beef: Gut microbes could improve production
Researchers in Scotland are analyzing the DNA of microbes in the cow's rumen, and have identified previously unknown enzymes used to breakdown plant material. Their work will help understand which microbes are best to help cattle extract energy from their food.

Beef: Global genomic study on height traits
A massive Australian study has cracked the code for accurately predicting the complex trait of height in cattle and dairy breeds. With data collected on 58,000 cattle, researchers were able to determine that the genes influencing height in cattle, also influence the trait in humans and dogs.
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Dairy: New system tracks outdoor grazing
A new automated system is helping manage grazing by monitoring how long cows are out to pasture. The information - collected using a registration gate and reporting tool - is particularly helpful for free-range certification that often requires the amount of time each cow grazes.

Dairy: Feeding China's growing demand for milk
China is the world's fourth largest milk producer, with projections the country will need three times as much milk by 2050 to meet growing demands. These demands bring a growing need for improved environmental sustainability to manage greenhouse gas emissions and land use from increased milk production.

Whatever next?!? A look at the weird and wacky

You old goat, hair

Finnish researchers have confirmed that goat hairs found in a grave in western Finland - the oldest animal hairs found in the country - support evidence that animal husbandry was practiced during the Corded Ware period, from 2800-2300 BC.

Whipping up some clean energy

Japanese scientists are looking at using proteins from egg whites to produce hydrogen - a source of clean energy - as a way to improve the production of carbon free energy.
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World's first camel milk infant formula

Camelicious - a United Arab Emirates' company - has launched an infant formula made from camel's milk. The milk contains 10 times the amount of iron of other milk, is high in vitamin C, B1 and B2, and contains linoleic acid as well as a group of essential amino acids.
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