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New chairman at Canadian Meat Council
David Colwell is the new chairman of the board of the Canadian Meat Council for a two-year period. Colwell is currently the president of JBS Canada - a respected and trusted food company with a 60-year history of providing fresh, further processed and valued added products to customers around the world.

University of Guelph announces new Associate Dean (External Relations)
Prof. John Cranfield starts a five-year term this September as Associate Dean (External Relations) at the U of G, where he's been the chair of the Department of Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics for the past four years. In his new role, Cranfield will be responsible for alumni and development activities, communications, outreach, endowments and student awards.
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Pilot project to address high food prices in NWT
Choice North Farms in Hay River, NWT received more than $80,000 from the Canadian North Economic Development Agency for the PoultryPonics Dome Project to produce more food locally while reducing its carbon footprint. The green technology project will integrate a vertical hydroponic unit and poultry production within a geodesic dome

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Calls for Poultry Proposals Currently Open

Details on open calls for research proposals are available online. Log into LRIC's research management system by clicking here

Note: Poultry Letters of Intents are accepted on-line year-round.  A response on a letter of intent can normally be expected within 6 - 8 weeks from submission.

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June 28, 2018: LRIC Annual General Meeting, Guelph ON,

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Sep 11-13, 2018: Canada's Outdoor Farm Show , Woodstock ON,

Sep 18-22, 2018: International Plowing Match and Rural Expo, Pain Court ON,

Oct 15 - 19, 2018: 
World Dairy Summit, Daejon South Korea

Nov 1-2, 2018: Ontario Sheep Convention, Alliston ON,

Nov 2 - 11, 2018: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto ON,

Apr 3 - 4, 2019: National Poultry Show, London ON,
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Alternative protein: A&W to sell plant-based burger
A&W will roll out a new plant-based burger produced by Beyond Meat in its almost 1,000 restaurants across Canada starting in early July. A&W is the second largest burger chain in Canada and the first in the country to carry the "Beyond Burger", which "bleeds" like regular beef but is made out of vegetable protein.

Alternative protein: Consumers favour familiar protein according to new global survey
More than 10,000 consumers in 10 different countries were part of a recent survey concluding that milk, egg and soy are the most popular protein sources. Animal-derived products are the largest supply of globally-source proteins and these "familiar proteins" are ones that consumers can easily identify and incorporate into everyday diets. While alternative proteins are gaining popularity, consumers are still most accepting of proteins that are recognizable and familiar.

Alternative protein: Online poll tests appetite for plant-based "burger"
A recent Twitter poll with UK consumers found 78% of respondents would not switch a beef burger for a plant-based alternative. While the UK has a growing demand for plant-based alternatives, the survey suggests this food segment isn't taking over the country's love of meat.

Poultry: Evaluating LEDs for poultry production
A move to Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs requires careful consideration to ensure a positive effect on bird health and productivity. There is variability between LED bulbs, so check control functions, quality of supplier and bulb warranty - as bulbs can vary greatly between supplier and react differently to the same voltage.

Poultry: Insect meal shows promise in poultry production
Kenyan researchers are looking at the possibility of using black soldier fly larvae to replace protein from soybean and fish meal in commercial poultry diets, a move that would reduce environmental costs and feed prices for poultry production. A study of 500 broilers found that replacing soybean meal with black soldier fly larvae didn't impact daily feed intake, daily gain, feed conversion rate, aroma or taste of cooked breast meat.

Swine: Understanding how FMD replicates
Researchers are working on the mechanisms used by the foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus to replicate and cause disease. This information could be the key to designing new safe vaccines or anti-viral agents for this severe and highly infectious disease that occurs in countries around the world.

Swine: Back fat thickness influences mammary gland development in gilts
Research from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research and Development Center in Sherbrooke has found that the thickness of the back fat influences the development of the mammary glands in gilts. Too little or too much fat towards the end of pregnancy can lead to mammary gland underdevelopment, resulting in lack of milk for the piglets once they are nursing.

Swine: Studying the spread of swine fever
A Kansas State University researcher is studying the ability of the African swine fever virus to be spread through imported feed and feed ingredients. The work will help researchers and pork producers reduce
the spread of the highly contagious disease that could cause an estimated $16.5 million in economic losses if it ever reached the United States
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Beef: Gene editing results in hornless cattle
New CRISPR technology was used by an animal geneticist at the University of California Davis on calves to create among the first cattle with dairy genetics that carry the beef cattle version of the polled gene. CRISPR is a new gene editing tool that holds potential for treating disease and creating crops better equipped for a changing climate.

Beef: In defence of sustainable beef production
An environmental politics professor at the University of Ottawa says cows are not capable of destroying the world with their impact on climate change. His research suggests that by tweaking the animal production system, it's possible to come close to producing livestock with a neutral carbon output by maintaining a carbon cycle.

Dairy: Studying how stall design impact the use of automatic feeders
University of Guelph researchers studied a group of 147 Holstein calves to observe the effect of feeding stall design on calves learning to use automatic milk feeders (AMF). For many calves, solid side stall at an AMF resulted in faster adaptation to the feeding system than steel bar stalls - calf temperament may also play a part.

Dairy: Regular weigh-ins decrease calf mortality
UK researchers had shown the benefit of regular weighing of growing livestock to provide farmers with nutrition and health information to make management decisions. The research project demonstrated the value of regular weighing for consistent growth rates, the ability to calf at an early age and also to decrease calf mortality.

Aquaculture: Reducing antimicrobial use on fish farms
The World Organization of Animal Health (OIE) has published an Aquatic Animal Health Code aimed at helping fight antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture. The new resource includes a chapter on antimicrobials used in fish farming as identifying bacteria causing problems in aquaculture is needed to be able to address resistance issues.
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Whatever next?!? A look at the weird and wacky

Is that scan big enough for my butt?
Famous family pet Esther the Wonder Pig is lending her star status to a $650,000 fundraising campaign to purchase Canada's first large animal CT scanner for the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. When the 650-pound companion pig recently needed a diagnostic scan - and a large enough scanner was not available in Canada - it spurred her owners to start a fundraiser for a super sized scanner.