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OVC Takes Top Ranking

The University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College ranked first in Canada, third in North America and seventh globally in the 2019 World University Rankings. The annual ranking was based on 1,000 universities from 151 countries.

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FAO Names 2019 Chair of Livestock Environment Partnership

Caroline Edmond, Director General of the International Dairy Federation and former Executive Director of Dairy Farmers of Canada, has been chosen as 2019 chair of the FAO's Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership. The partnership assesses the environmental performance of livestock supply chains and ensures their economic and social viability.

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Making News
Nominate an Outstanding Beef Researcher
The Beef Cattle Research Council is now accepting nominations for its annual Canadian Beef Inudstry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation. The award recognizes researchers and scientists whose work has contributed to advancing the competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian beef industry.
LRIC Update

Details on open calls for research proposals are available online. Log into LRIC's research management system 

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Mar 19 - 20, 2019:  Ontario Pork Annual Meeting
Mar 26, - 27, 2019: London Swine Conference, London, ON,

Apr 2 - 3, 2019:  Ontario Aquaculture Association Conference and AGM 2019,
Collingwood, ON,

Apr 3 - 4, 2019:  Canadian Dairy XPO, Stratford, ON, 

Apr 3 - 4, 2019: National Poultry Show, London, ON,

Apr 10, 2019: Farm and Food Care Ontario Annual Conference, Milton, ON,

May 9, 2019: University of Guelph Swine Research Day, Guelph, ON,

May 15 - 16, 2019: Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada, Niagara Falls, ON,

Jun 19 - 20, 2019 : Pork Congress, Stratford, ON, 

Oct 5 - 9, 2019: Anuga 2019 - Taste the Future, Cologne, Germany,

Oct 8 - 11, 2019: Process Expo, Chicago, IL,

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Environment and Climate Change: New Research Suggests Domestic Livestock not a Risk to Climate
Well-published researcher and agrobiologist Dr. Albrecht Glatzle believes the risk of greenhouse gas emissions from domestic livestock - and the impact on the earth's climate - has been exaggerated and not supported by scientific evidence.

Alternative Protein: Toronto Scientists Receive Funding for Cellular Agriculture
A group of Toronto scientists have secured a grant from an American non-profit organization to work on a less expensive way to grow lab-made meat. Cellular agriculture has been touted as the future of food because of its smaller environmental footprint and consideration for animal welfare.

Poultry: Laying Eggs for Medicine
UK research suggests chickens can be genetically modified to produce human proteins in their eggs that offer a cost-effective method of producing certain types of drugs. This new approach differs from existing methods of using eggs to grow viruses to make vaccines, and encodes therapeutic proteins in the chicken's DNA to be produced as part of the egg white.

Poultry: Crowdfunding Project to Support Organic Agriculture
Europe's largest food retailer has adopted blockchain ledger technology to track and trace chicken, eggs and tomatoes on the trip from farms to stores. It's part of Carrefour's collaboration with other food companies that have launched an organic agriculture crowdfunding campaign to help producers upgrade their farming, livestock and crop practices.

Swine: Feed Designed to Reduce Boar Taint Tested in Germany
A large hog farm in eastern Germany is testing a special feed designed to reduce boar taint. The feed additive breaks down skatole in the pig intestine, freeing up the liver to breakdown androstenone - the other compound causing boar taint.
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Swine: African Swine Fever can Spread Through Feed
New research at Kansas State University confirms that African swine fever can be transmitted in pigs through the consumption of contaminated feed and liquid. This first-of-its-kind study emphasizes the critical need for feed biosecurity in the swine industry.
Beef: Narrowing in on Johne's Disease
University of Guelph research has made significant progress in developing a better diagnostic test to accurately identify animals infected with the bacterium causing Johne's disease, in the very early stages of the disease. Vaccines for the disease reduce shedding but don't prevent infection, and there are no antibiotics to effectively treat Johne's disease.

Beef: New Immune Test Could Help Reduce Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)
A group of cattle industry players are using new Genome Canada funding to develop a high-immune response test for Angus cattle, in the hopes of helping fight BRD. Considered one of the most common diseases affecting feedlot cattle in North America, BRD is estimated to cost the cattle sector $1 billion a year.
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Dairy: Less Social Calves at a Disadvantage
University of British Columbia researchers tested the sociability of 22 Holstein dairy calves by measuring how close they chose to be to other animals. They discovered some calves are inherently more pessimistic (less social, more fearful) than others. It's a trait that tends to persist over time and can have implications for the animal's future health and productivity.

Whatever Next?!? 

Swipe Right for this Handsome Beast
A UK company is riding the online dating wave with its new Tinder-inspired app that helps farmers match up with buyers for their cattle. The "Tudder" app lets farmers swipe right on images of cattle they like the looks of, or for more photos and data to help them make a purchase decision.