LSA is pleased to announce the appointment of Guy Lescault, who became permanent Executive Director of LSA on Jan. 1, 2019!

Lescault, who served as longterm Interim Executive Director since January 2018, became permanent by unanimous vote of LSA's Board of Directors during its meeting held Dec. 7.

“The decision to accept the Legal Services Alabama Board’s offer to serve as Executive Director was a result of the commitment of the Board and Staff to the implementation of the LSA 2019-21 Strategic Plan," Lescault said. "I welcome the opportunity to continue working with the Staff and Board to meet the legal challenges facing our Alabama client community.”

In a release to LSA Staff, Board President Phil Mitchell stated:
"We on the Board are proud of the many accomplishments LSA has achieved (in 2018) and look forward to continued successes as we go forward in the new year."

With a career spanning of more than 35 years, Lescault remains a veteran in the legal services community. His experience includes serving as Program Counsel for the Office of Program Performance for Legal Services Corporation (LSC), and as Longterm Interim Director for LSC funded programs in Washington D.C., Massachusetts, and New Mexico. Mr. Lescault was a part of the original team in the Atlanta Regional Office of Legal Services Corporation that helped to establish the first three LSC grantees in Alabama in the 1970s, including Huntsville, Birmingham, and Statewide legal services programs.

On behalf of Legal Services Alabama, congratulations Guy!