Message from the Education Foundation Chair:

Welcome to our seventh Annual Report, which is meant to provide you basic
information regarding our corporate operations and provide information ensuring your donation dollars are being managed for the benefit of qualifying students who are enrolled in a Surveying degree program or certificate program. The Foundation is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors. Each Director is appointed to a four-year term. The Foundation strives to keep overhead costs as low as possible. For instance, Board members do not receive reimbursement for mileage, lodging or meal expenses when traveling to attend Board meetings. All of the directors serve in this capacity to help students fulfill their desire to obtain a degree in Surveying. Surveying education programs all over the United States are under extreme pressure to
increase enrollment. These programs must be completive with other programs. As professionals, we should be setting higher standards for ensuring our profession continues and provide financial support to both students and even college programs. I have stated this many times, find any means to support the LSAW Foundation and our future staff. Our profession needs your assistance promoting both our professional services and
supporting our educational institutions. With your financial support the Foundation can provide more impactful scholarships. There are a number of ways you can.... Click here to read full report