Action Needed - HB 2860
Send a note to your Senator in support of HB 2860 The Washington plane coordinate system bill is in the senate and needs all of our land surveyors’ support in order to pass.

You can help by sending a not to your Senator.

Step One: go to the Washington Legislature Home Page:

Step Two: On the left hand side of the page is a menu with the title “Legislature Home” on a green background. The fifth item on the list is “Bill Information” - click on it.

Step Three: In the box “Bill number” enter “2860”, and then hit “Search.” That will take you to e.

Step Four: Click on the green background bar that has “Comment on this bill.” It will take you to a page where you will fill in your home address. Then hit “Verify district.” You will get a listing of your two house representatives and your senator. Click on the “Senator” check box. The next box asks if you want a response, click on “yes.” Scroll down and enter your contact information. Then under the “Enter your bill comment,” click on support. The next text box is where you can enter a note on your support for the bill and how it is important to the surveying and GIS community.

After you have filled in a comment, hit “Send Comment” You should get a response from your Senator in a day or two.

Thank you for being involved in moving this legislation forward.
Land Surveyors' Association of Washington
T. (888) 994-2845