October 25-26, 2019 |Vancouver, WA

Technician Track (Friday & Saturday) - $295 LSAW Members, $395 Non-Members
CFedS Worskhop (Friday) - $195 LSAW Members, $295 Non-Members
Technician’s Workshop (Fri. & Sat.)
Presented by: Mitch Duryea, PLS

This course is designed to be beneficial to all Survey Technicians 

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) sponsors the Certified Survey Technician (CST) program. The purpose of this program is to recognize that a person has demonstrated a level of competency in performing various surveying tasks common to the Survey Technician. CST is a valuable tool that can be used by employers to assess staff. Details for the CST program can be found at

This seminar is designed to be beneficial to all Survey Technicians. Additionally, it will help to prepare participants interested in earning CST certification. LSAW will provide opportunity to take the CST exam during the LSAW Conference.

The following topics will be covered during this seminar: 

  • Types of Surveys 
  • Field Equipment & Instruments 
  • Survey Computations 
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Points 
  • Field Operations 
  • Field Notes 
  • Plan & Map Reading and Preparation 
  • First Aid & Safety 
  • Drafting/CAD basics 
  • Electronic Instruments 
  • Surveying History 
  • Principles of the Profession 
  • Office Operations 
  • Supervisory Skills

In addition, sample problems and solutions will be included in the program.

At the conclusion of the seminar, the participants will be able to self-evaluate their level of knowledge in these subject areas in order to develop career path goals with their employer. 
CFedS Workshop (Fri.)
Presented by: Steve Parrish PLS

Landslide Report - Case 3 - Wallace Creek Expanded 
Every licensed surveyor knows, or should know, the importance of thorough research. The research includes but is not limited to, written, testimonial, and physical evidence pertinent to a subject survey. The late C. Albert White provides a great overview of the landslide and survey conditions in the Wallace Creek area. This workshop will expand on the details of the landslide and results of the four (4) surveys presented by the Forest Surveyor who completed survey number 4. Actual photographs of the survey site will enhance the experience. 

Moving Original GLO Monuments 
Just because you find an original GLO monument set firmly in the ground doesn’t always mean it is at the location it was set by the original GLO surveyor. This workshop will explore a few survey situations where firmly set GLO monuments were uprooted and reset at another location - and the rationale supporting the decisions. 

Stoddard Jacobsen/Robert C. Downer IBLA Decisions The Rest of the Story
The 79 page Stoddard Jacobsen/Robert C. Downer IBLA Continuing Education course provides great detail about the numerous differences of opinion between opposing parties, confusion on the part of the IBLA, and conflicting evidence. This workshop will provide additional “behind the scene” information and photos of field evidence from a person personally involved in the field evaluation of critical GLO corner monuments. 

Landslide Report - Case 3 - Wallace Creek Expanded and Stoddard Jacobsen - The Rest of the Story, are NEW CFedS CE courses and not duplicates of the existing CE courses. 2 CFedS credit hours are available for this event. For those requiring CFedS credit hours an additional $50 fee which goes directly to CFedS will be charged.
LSAW members please read this!
Although for many of us it has not been an issue, there have been recent changes in law regarding electronic signatures. You may have read about them in the last Board of Registration Journal. Click here: ( )
However, for filing a record of survey some of those changes do not apply because of conflict with the Auditor’s survey checklist requirements. The Survey Advisory Board (SAB) has the DNR’s Public Land Survey Office (PLSO) currently looking into this issue. Until changes are made, the PLSO has provided the LSAW clarification. ( Please click here/see attached letter )
This information is provided to keep you informed!