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Welcome to the August issue of the Your Choice Parent to Parent newsletter.

It is so hard to believe that summer is almost over. As much as we love the chance to rest and recharge, we are looking forward to beginning our fall presentation schedule. Make sure to check out the events page of our website to learn where our speakers will be next!

Last month we shared some sad news that Buckley's Appalachian Trail Thru Hike has been postponed due to an injury sustained on the trail. Buckley remains passionate about doing his part to help to fight the drug epidemic and has continued to make the videos he had planned to do on the trail. You can find them on our Facebook page or at the bottom of this email.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you would like to read about a certain topic in the next newsletter,  please email us .   Your ideas and feedback are always appreciated. 
Sandi Lybert
Your Choice to Live Founder

What Parents Should Know:
At Your Choice we are constantly watching and learning about new drug trends. One substance that has been gaining popularity recently is hallucinogens. There has been a resurgence of hallucinogen usage among young people in the last few years.

These include LSD or acid and psilocybin, which is also known as "mushrooms." LSD is commonly taken as a tablet or as blotter paper. The effects of LSD include hallucinations, delusions, time distortions, and an altered perception. There are many risks associated with hallucinogen use, both short term and long term.

Tips For Teens: Detour Letter  
Each month we feature an inspirational letter from a student in our Detour Class. Detour is a class designed to gently but powerfully challenge common beliefs about drug and alcohol use. One of the assignments at the end of the class is to write a letter to a special person in your life that touches on some important aspects from the class. 

Buckley's Informational Videos
Your Choice Events Happening in August
Detour Class

August 13 & 15
Wake Up Call Public Tours

August 15 - 6pm
Hartland Fire Department Survive Alive House
150 Lawn Street, Hartland
Please  register  to reserve your spot!
Volunteers Needed

Your Choice has over 32 presentations scheduled for this upcoming fall. We need volunteers to help assemble over 2,000 folders that will be distributed at these events. We are looking for volunteers to help assemble folders on Wednesday, August 8th from 9am to 12pm at the Hartland Fire Department. If you are interested in volunteering, please call Sandi at 262-367-9901 or email .
Check out the  events page on our website to see locations of more Stairway to Heroin series events and find out where Your Choice speakers will be next!
Melanie has been speaking with Your Choice to Live for 3 years as a Stairway to Heroin presenter and youth presenter.  Melanie shares her powerful personal story with the hope of saving others from the devastation that she endured. 

An integral part of the Your Choice team, Melanie is also a certified Narcan trainer and Detour instructor. She conducts opioid overdose education and training on Narcan administration for families and community members.  

Melanie has a deep passion for carrying out the Your Choice mission of education, prevention, and early intervention. 

Check out Melanie's Story below!
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