LSSC Unveils New Name and New Brand
Quest Invites Everyone to Embark on a Journey of Science Exploration
Our future science center will be a place where everyone is encouraged to "question,” “understand,” and “explore” science and technology — so we’ve changed our name to Quest.  The Livermore Science and Society Center unveiled its new name on December 19, after a series of teaser ads designed to spark curiosity and excite the community about our plans to be in the new Stockmen’s Park in downtown Livermore.  Read our press release.   Learn more at  
Events Reach 3000 People in 2019
With our mobile pop-up exhibits, we’ve been bringing our vision for science education to life. Since 2018, we've sparked curiosity for more than 3000 local residents who had fun learning about water and wind with us. Volunteer scientists and engineers encouraged everyone to experiment and find solutions at 12 events in the Tri-Valley and beyond, including the Livermore Innovation Fair and the Bay Area Science Festival. 
percol and windtunnel
Quest community science projects are designed to build a greater understanding of how science impacts our lives and provide opportunities to learn and practice practical skills. Participants in the CO 2  project will learn about microprocessors and sensor assembly as well as how to organize complex projects and team effectively with diverse peer groups and volunteers from our local communities. 
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Expedition CO 2 is aimed at providing  useful scientific data for the Tri-Valley region regarding climate change and how human activity relates to greenhouse gas emissions, specifically CO 2

Want to participate? Contact Quest board member Rick Stulen at
Join our Quest
We're building a community of supporters like you – who value science education – and want to help us create a place where everyone at any age can question, understand and explore science and technology. Your donation or volunteer hours will support our 2020 educational outreach, pilot programs and exhibit development focused on the science impacting our climate. We invite you to learn more about our future plans and to show your support with a year-end donation to help bring Quest to everyone.

Quest received $10,000 donation from Lawrence Livermore National Security
Quest named beneficiary of Livermore Wine Auction
Quest completes initial architectural concept and visitor experience plan
Quest Science Center, formerly Livermore Science and Society Center,
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, EIN 82-4865787.