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Senior Project Cubes

The Senior Project Cubes in CAS 106B have been remodeled and the students are loving them. Thank you to everyone who helped with this! We appreciate your hard work!

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3D Printing

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We continue to expand access to 3D printing. Thank you for the generous support from alumni for the IAB’s initiative 3D printing. A new Bridgeport manual milling machine was purchased via grant funding.

MiR Mobile Robots

We have new Robot Family Members- Mobile Ones!

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More Exciting News

  • Dr. Edoardo Sarda wrote a grant that awarded a $50,000 WAM-V to LSSU and the University of Bolzano to compete in the next Maritime RobotX Challenge. Team AMORE is fundraising and working on this project. See their website for details:
  • Erik Finley will present at the North American IEOM conference in Monterrey, Mexico next week. He will present a paper he published last year (IIoT and Assisted Reality: Re-Shaping Traditional Robotic Cells) based on his senior project sponsored by 4D system. His conference related expenses are being covered by the Bollin Family Grant.
  • Prof. David Leach and Mr. Ron Throener worked together to secure a $10k Haas grant for skills training and student support. 
  • The IEEExtreme Programming Competition was held last weekend and the LSSU team placed in the upper half of competitors.
  • SAE volunteered with the middle school 7th graders, helping them with fuel cell cars.
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  • Summer camps were held for the first time in a few years in a new format under the guidance of Dr. Zakaria Mahmud.
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  • FRC worlds is presently scheduled for Detroit April 27-30, 2022. We are hoping to host FRC districts in 2023.
  • Scholarships are still available
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Thank You

The alumni and industrial support is greatly appreciated:

  • David O'Toole, Manager, Simulation Products at FANUC, worked out a special deal for LSSU to use the Roboguide robotics simulation software
  • JP Rasaiah, President, and Phil Nicholson, Senior Engineer, both at 4D Systems, helped LSSU acquire two Robotiq robotics grippers at a special discounted price
  • Jason Schopp, VP and GM of Operations, is coordinating with his engineers at JR Automation to assist LSSU's autonomous mobile robotics project
  • Jason Markesino, Senior Engineer at AMT, providing technical support for robotics projects at LSSU
  • Fleet Software was donated from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) - $8,500. Thank you, Mark Ermatinger.
  • Mobile robot intelligent trailer and hook for MiR 100 robot from Industrial Control - $18,000. Thank you, Tyler Britcher.

Alumni Updates

Alumni continue to have productive careers, including the following recent changes or promotions:

  • Steven Solack (MET- Robotics, 2011), Senior Controls Project Engineer, Mission Design & Automation
  • Christopher Maguire (MET-Robotics, 1992), Fastener Project Manager, FCA Fiat Chrysler (Stellantis North America)
  • Brian Parkham (EE-Robotics, Digital Systems), Controls Engineer, Tool North Inc
  • Todd McKnight (AMET, 1995), Controls Engineering Supervisor, Autokiniton (Formerly Tower International)
  • Shawn Archer (ME-Robotics, 1999), Mechanical Engineering Manager, JR Automation
  • Bradley Starks (EE-Robotics, 2012), Product Focal Lead, BAE Systems
  • Amanda Eles (ME-Robotics, 2005), Director of Automation Engineering at JB Poindexter & Co 
  • Geoff Marshall (MET-Robotics, 2000), Robot Simulation Engineer, GM
  • Jay Patel (MET-Robotics, 2005), Senior Technical Project Manager, Tesla, Austin, TX
  • Jon Jensen (MET, 1988), President and CEO, NAI Group
  • Niels-Erik Ravn (ME-Robotics, 2014), Customer Support Manager, LEONI, FranceJeffrey James (AMET, 1994), Automation Engineer, Boeing Corp
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