November 2019
How Are We Boosting Louisiana's Computational Edge?

LSU and Louisiana public schools team up to expand computer science courses and careers with $5M in federal support

LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor Juana Moreno and an interdisciplinary team of educators have garnered $5 million in federal funding to provide computational skills courses for all middle and high school students in East Baton Rouge Parish and four rural Louisiana parishes.   | More
Photo: Elsa Hahne
LSU Researcher Listed Among Most Highly Cited in 2019

Among those in the recently released Highly Cited Researchers list was assistant professor of biological sciences Brant Faircloth. Faircloth was cited a total of 8,149 times during 2019 and appeared in more than 85 publications. | More
Baton Rouge Business Report Features LSU Physicist

LSU Assistant Professor of Physics Omar Magaña-Loaiza studies light at the quantum level, and his research could allow engineers to better control how light works in a range of technologies.   | More
A New Partner in Gravitational Wave Detection

An observatory in Japan is joining the LIGO locations in Washington and Louisiana, as well as VIRGO, an Italian observatory, to form a global network of high-powered observatories that study ripples in spacetime. Scientists expect this new global network could ultimately detect 100 collisions per year. | More
The College of Science Blog Has a New Name!

In the LSU College of Science, we know that the most valuable discoveries can come from asking important questions; questions about our health and the world we live in — and the worlds beyond. We are driven to find the answers because science is everywhere. Join us as we tell the stories behind the answers on the Science Next blog. Here's what's happening on Science Next!
Am I a Microbiologist?

College of Science microblogger and fifth year Ph.D. candidate in microbiology Alicia Reigel shared her experience presenting at the the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe meeting and how it broadened her definition of a microbiologist. | More
How Are Earth's Most Resilient Plants Key to Humanity's Future?

With a recent award of $1.5 million from the National Science Foundation in her tool belt and a catalogue filled with research on plant genomes and evolutionary processes, molecular biologist Maheshi Dassanayake has dedicated her life to answering one big question More 
Letter to My Younger Self: Dr. Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy

College of Science researchers who share a love of science, mathematics, and technology, share with their "young selves" words of encouragement, glimpses into the future, and wisdom that can only be delivered from hindsight.   More
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