"If we do not understand the concept of covenant, we will be anemic in the area of community. Community life will not always be beautiful. Sometimes, it is ugly, messy, and complicated. But God breaks into our broken communities and begins the good work He promises to complete. This is the good news!" 

The Covenantal Life, Sarah Ivill

Sometimes, serving the Bride of Christ on challenging Sundays overflows into hard Mondays, where we struggle to be motivated to love and lead others. We know in our heads that the Fall is the tragic intrusion of death and disorder in everything and everyone. And we are keenly aware in our hearts that our vertical relationship with God is hindered by sin, which overflows with brokenness in our horizontal relationships. Our fleshly motivations to love and serve can tend to be academic or anemic. These impulses run thin and will never go the distance. That's why we desperately need a covenantal framework for life and leadership, one that helps us think biblically about who God is and orients us to the help and hope He provides as we seek to love and lead each other covenantally. 

We invite you to join us February 22-24, 2024, to reframe your thinking about:

  • What does a relational model of ministry look like?
  • How can our women's ministry teams cultivate covenant community in our churches?
  • Why does understanding the big story of the Bible change the way we equip women?
  • How can Word-based and relationally driven women's ministry build a strong church?
  • And a whole lot more…..

Hope to see you there!

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Early Registration Deadline is November 15 so register soon!

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ESL Ministry Curriculum

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There are 2 months remaining to give to the Love Gift Legacy for ESL Ministry. We are excited to report that beta testing has begun on the curriculum project with ESL teachers across the country. With their feedback, the Introductory Level of Neighbor to Neighbor: Uniting through English will be available for purchase in the spring of 2024. 

Levels 1 and 2 are being written now with the goal of being available by August 2024. Many hours are being spent on the writing, illustrations, lay-out, and printing of these books. Although much of the time is from volunteers, producing and shipping a professional-looking product to be used in hundreds of churches (PCA and other denominations) and schools costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Made for More Regional Conferences

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Registration for the conferences opens March 1, 2024.


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