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Fall Band Concert 
Reber Center, 7:30 pm
2-4 Fall Operation Snowball Weekend
8  Game of Tiaras
SC PAC, 7pm
Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and 8th Grade Festival Band Concert
Reber Center, 7:30pm
Veterans Day Assemblies
SC Fieldhouse, 9:15am
NC Fieldhouse, 12:30pm
Game of Tiaras
SC PAC, 3:30pm
10  Winter Athletic Team Pictures 
NC Fieldhouse, 8-10am
10  Game of Tiaras
SC PAC, 7pm
14  National Letter of Intent Signing Day
NC 140, 7am
15  LADSE Transition Resource Fair
Holiday Inn Countryside
15  Discover College
Reber Center, 7pm

Attention all athletes: Those of you who have verbally committed or plan on signing a National Letter of Intent to play college athletics, please join LT at the Fall Signing Day Wednesday, November 14, in the North Campus Community Room 140 at 7am. Contact the Athletic Office at 708-579-6393 for details and to RSVP.
We welcome you to like and follow the new District 204 Facebook page as we promote our collective accomplishments and achievements. It will also be used to remind our communities about upcoming events, programs and workshops, as well as remind parents about School Improvement, Late Start and snow days. We will also add this Facebook page to the many resources at our disposal and utilize the immediacy of social media in the event of an emergency or crisis.

LT's Illinois Report Card is now available and provides schools, districts, families and stakeholders with a snapshot of public education across the state. The Report Card allows schools and districts to look at their own performance from year to year and to identify areas of strength and opportunity.
Transition Perks
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Dec 1, 2018
November 1, 2018

An additional security measure at the North Campus Clock Tower Main Entrance was recently installed. Visitors now must be buzzed into the building just as they are at South Campus. 
Upon arrival, visitors must press the call button on the wall outside. Security will ask their name and reason for visit. Once confirmed in the visitor's log, they will be buzzed into the building and present their ID at the security desk, where their name is entered into the Raptor system, a database for sex offenders that has been in place for several years.
It is imperative that the Assistant Principal's Office receive 24-hour prior notice of all visitors to the building. Without a pre-approved appointment, visitors may be denied entrance to the building or be detained until security verifies a guest is legitimate.
Parents should make certain to schedule appointments with staff, including counselors, teachers, sponsors and coaches in advance.
Thank you for your support in our continuing efforts to keep our building safe.
"Fine." -- How many have heard that exact response when you asked your child how their day was at school? It can be difficult to get students to open up and share, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects. However, in light of the results of the Illinois Youth Survey administered last year to every LT student, it is more important than ever to have conversations with your child, especially about issues such as alcohol use, vaping, depression and more. Each month over the remainder of this school year, the Student Services Division will provide a resource to assist parents in becoming better informed about the issues facing high school students and how to talk with your child about them.

As you may remember from the letter sent to all families from Superintendent Kilrea, the Illinois Youth Survey revealed that 41% of freshmen, 58% of sophomores, 70% of juniors and 79% of seniors reported using alcohol within the last year. Just as alarming are the reports of driving under the influence, with 9% of seniors claiming to have driven drunk and 31% claiming to have driven high.

Conversations on how to handle potentially dangerous situations involving drugs and alcohol can help your child be safe and make better choices.   Most parents already employ simple strategies such as avoiding questions with yes/no answers and asking open ended questions that encourage detail. Other elementary tactics include turning off phones, screens and other distractions and agreeing to listen while one person speaks, not to mention taking turns talking, staying away from discipline and being comfortable with silence.

While many of you have established expectations that your children refrain from using drugs and alcohol, the lines of communication need to remain open. Be sure to discuss your specific expectations of their behavior well ahead of time and discuss consequences, leaving room for a conversation rather than a lecture. Peer pressure, circumstances where alcohol is present, and the potential of riding in a car with someone under the influence are all instances where a predetermined plan of action and response can keep your child safe. Brainstorm with your child about how to respond to offers of alcohol. It might be as simple as saying, "No thanks" or "Do you have any soda?"

Conversation topics may also include how alcohol can be abused and overconsumed. Share practical information about alcohol such as how many ounces are in a shot of liquor, what "proof" means and the impact of body weight on a person's tolerance so that they understand how to keep themselves safe and healthy. Explain the risks of alcohol and warning signs of usage.

The Student Services recommends the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids website as an excellent resource for prevention, information and support.  One article from this site, How to Address Underage Drinking, is very relevant based on the results from the Illinois Youth Survey. 
LT was covered in red last week in honor of Red Ribbon Week, the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country, which serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand and make a commitment to drug prevention and a personal commitment to live drug-free lives.

LT recognized Red Ribbon Week in a variety of ways, including a Red Ribbon Breakfast for community leaders with a presentation reviewing the dangers of vaping and Wear Red Day, when students and staff were encouraged to wear red and peer leaders greeted students and promoted healthy choices as they arrived on campus.

Additionally, the website has been updated with information for parents and students about making healthy choices, the latest drug trends, warning signs to watch for and the dangers of substance use and abuse.
TABULAE yearbook is offering senior tribute ads. They are available now; click Senior Tribute Ads for all the pricing details and deadlines.

The EARLY deadline for senior ads is Friday, November 9, 2018. On November 10, half page ads will increase in price from $155 to $175 and quarter page ads will increase in price from $80 to $100.

The final deadline (with price increase) is Friday, November 30, 2018. Because space is limited, we cannot guarantee ad availability after November 9.
LT cordially invites all veterans and family members to join LT students and staff as we honor all of those who have served and are serving our country for a Veterans Day Assembly Friday, November 9. The South Campus assembly begins at 9:15am in the fieldhouse, and the North Campus assembly begins at 12:30pm in the fieldhouse. It would be our honor for you to join us.

In addition, the Future Healthcare Professionals Club is sending care packages to veterans this year and need help filling them. Click Wish List for items that are needed. Donations can be dropped off in the main office at either campus by Friday, November 9.

Also LT is consolidating the various plaques, memorials and displays honoring LT's veterans onto one impactful Wall of Honor to help remember the service and sacrifice our graduates made and continue to make for LT and our country.
Please share your service information or the information of a family member so that all may be recognized. Complete a short Wall of Honor survey to be included . 
Register today for the upcoming Parent Community Network presentation on The Truth about Vaping scheduled for November 6 at 7pm in the South Campus Performing Arts Center. The presentation is a guide to the truths of vaping and will cover the dangers of vaping, effects on children, possible signs of vaping and how parents can talk about vaping.
Due to popular demand, the presentation is now open to students, and parents are encouraged to attend with their child. The presentation is 60 minutes, followed by a 30-minute panel discussion. The presentation is free but registration is required for all attending - parents AND children. LTTV will live stream the presentation for those unable to attend in person.