LTSSMaryland Bulletin

The LTSSMaryland Bulletin is the Developmental Disabilities Administration's
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LTSSMaryland Basic Service Authorization Signature
Effective immediately, Person-Centered Plans (PCPs) with effective dates after July 1, 2020 do not require a basic service authorization or a paper provider signature page. As of July 1, 2020, all PCPs continue to be completed in LTSSMaryland with the appropriate services named and authorized in the detailed service authorization section of the PCP. Therefore, basic service authorization details and paper signature pages are no longer needed. 
  • Coordinators of Community Services (CCS) agencies must delete all services that may pull into the basic service authorization section when creating a revised or annual PCP with an effective date after July 1, 2020. There is no need to upload a signature page.
  • Regional Offices will not request clarifications for Basic Service Authorizations or paper Provider signature pages.
  • Providers should not complete basic service authorization paper signature sheets for any PCPs effective after July 1, 2020.
To summarize, CCSs no longer need to create and providers no longer need to sign a Basic Service Authorization document for upload to LTSSMaryland. CCS coordinators should continue to request service acceptance referrals in LTSSMaryland and provider agencies should continue to review and accept/decline service acceptance referrals in the Provider Portal. If you have questions, please contact your Regional office using the links below:
In addition, you may call the DDA service desk at (410) 767-0747 or the LTSSMaryland Technical Helpdesk at 1-855-4MD-LTSS (1-855-463-5877) if you need assistance.
Information about the new system is available at LTSSMaryland.