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Importance of Using Correct Medicaid Number

  In order for payments to be processed correctly, the Person Centered Plan (PCP) must reflect the correct Provider site-specific Medical Assistance number (MA#) for all services provided at the site. If the wrong MA# is used, Service Providers will not be able to bill for services rendered.
It is critical that both CCS agencies and service providers pay close attention to the MA# and address associated with a service. Wrong MA#s being tied to a service will impact billing and creates a significant amount of rework to correct. Documenting that services were delivered at a site where they were not is problematic. Service Providers- If an MA# is not available for a specific site, please apply for one via eP REP. 
Example: If Person A lives at a provider home on 123 Main St (MA# 2345678902) and service acceptance request is sent and accepted with Person A for a home on 678 Springfield Ave (MA# 2345678903), the provider will be unable to bill for that service for that person. The only way to correct this would be to redo the PCP.
CCS Agencies - When preparing the PCP, it is crucial that you select the correct Provider MA# and address that is associated with the appropriate site location for the service. If, after confirming the Provider site MA#, the specific site address (MA#) is not listed as an option, do not choose from what is available. Remove the Provider from the requested service prior to plan submission. Once the provider site has been enrolled in ePREP the PCP will need to be revised to include the chosen provider with the specific site identified. 
Service Providers - It is important to review the MA# and address associated with each service when you receive the service acceptance referral. If the wrong MA# and address has been associated with an individual please decline the service and indicate the reason in the declination notes to the CCS.

The Maryland Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is committed to working with you to make the service delivery and billing process as streamlined as possible.
Information about the new system is available at LTSSMaryland .