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Displayed Rates for
Community Living and Supported Living Residential Services
As Coordinators of Community Services (CCS) create or revise Person-Centered Plans (PCP) in LTSSMaryland for a person who needs residential services, the LTSSMaryland PCP detailed service acceptance section will calculate and display rates based on the number of people authorized for services in the home    
For example - For a home for three people, the first person authorized will show at the one person rate. The second person authorized will show at the two person rate. If more authorized people move into the home, then the service acceptance process will display the proper rate. The configuration applies to Community Living - Group Home, Community Living - Enhanced Supports, and Supported Living. 
Overnight Supports function as either “On” or “Off” for any given home in the system.  Please contact your regional office if Overnight Supports need to be adjusted for the home based on your agency’s business model. 
Starting July 1, and the first of every month thereafter, LTSSMaryland will recalculate all residential rates, taking into account the number of people who have been accepted by the provider and authorized by the DDA and for that home. Current residential rates based on the number of people in the home can be viewed at DDA Service Authorization and Provider Billing Documentation Guidelines (Revised - December 2019)
If you have any questions or need to (1) register your sites through ePREP to receive electronic service referrals in LTSSMaryland or (2) update sites related to overnight support, please contact your Regional DDA Provider Relations representative:
  • Central Maryland Regional Office - Provider Relations Department (410) 234-8200
  • Southern Maryland Regional Office - Teresa Nataline (301) 362-5123
  • Eastern Shore Regional Office - Andrea Jones (410) 572-5945
  • Western Maryland Regional Office - Timothy Jenkins ( 240) 313-3860

For a refresher on how to accept service referrals  in LTSSMaryland, view the Service Referral training video .
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