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LTSSMaryland Bulletin: Tracking PCPs and
Accessing the Provider Portal Manual
During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, the Maryland Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is focused on streamlining processes so that needed services can be authorized, provided and paid as efficiently as possible. Below are two tips and resources to assist.
1. Tracking Person-Centered Plans (PCPs): LTSSMaryland enables Service Providers to track at which step each PCP is in, through the approval process.
As a reminder, the third step (highlighted above, in red): “Provider Accepted Service Plans Pending Approval,” is the step where the Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) reviews the PCP before submission to the Regional Office (RO). Any PCPs categorized in this step are with the CCS and are awaiting submission to the RO. Additionally, if the RO sends the PCP back for clarification to the CCS, it will return to the highlighted third step.  When PCPs are with the RO under review, they will be categorized under that fourth step. In a future release, DDA will be updating the title of the third step in LTSSMaryland to make this clearer. In the meantime, we wanted to clarify what this step means so, if appropriate, you can follow-up with your CCS to help move PCPs to the fourth step.
2. LTSS Provider Portal Manual: The Provider Portal Manual is the most in-depth resource that users can access to learn about the LTSSMaryland system.
To Access the Provider Portal Manual (screenshot below):
  1. Sign into your LTSSMaryland Account
  2. On the home screen, scroll to the very bottom of the page
  3. Under the section header “Training Manuals, Webinars, and FAQs”, search for the document entitled “DDA Provider Portal User Manual”
Please note that the Provider Portal Manual is subject to change and will be updated periodically as LTSSMaryland system functionality continues to be updated. When new versions are released, they will be shared via multiple channels including the LTSSMaryland Announcements page.
Information about the new system is available at LTSSMaryland .