We are in the height of summer and there is so much to be thankful for! Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on the educational system, we are still able to serve and enrich youth daily in the arts this summer. For that, I am beyond grateful. Thank you to the parents and providers that have invested in their child's education and support their creative endeavors while cultivating new ones. I am grateful for our community partners who believe the arts are essential and provide opportunities for collaboration and access. Thank you for the charitable efforts of the volunteers and donors that have opened the door for free programming to many deserving youth. I appreciate our amazing team of instructional staff and leadership that have done a tremendous job of making a seamless transition by adapting to our virtual model and helping to launch of our newest initiative, LTYC LEARN . Lastly, thank you to the youth who inspire us all to continue the push for change, equity, justice, development, and of course arts education. As the final phase of summer enters, I'll continue to count my blessings and do my part in the name of the ARTS!
Dana Carr, MAT
Executive Director


Our featured partner this month is United Way of the National Capital Area . For nearly 50 years, United Way NCA has worked diligently to change the lives of people and families in their local area.

Uniting nearly 500 partner nonprofits, as well as corporate and community partners, Unity Way NCA is committed to creating a strong, vibrant community with excellent schools, good health, safe neighborhoods and jobs that pay a livable wage.

Give to Arts Education through Your Workplace Giving Campaign!

Now more than ever it is essential for youth to stay connected to the arts. Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center has partnered with United Way to make it easy for you to donate in support of arts education. As the fall workplace charity giving season is just around the corner, remember what a difference you can make in the lives of youth by connecting them to quality arts programming.

Provide the following United Way identification number to your workplace giving campaign to donate to LTYC:

Does your organization hold a yearly charity giving campaign event? Let us know! We would love to come share how LTYC’s youth programs strengthen communities and change lives. 

What would $25 do for our organization?
Cover the cost of instructional materials for one student.

What would $50 do for our organization?
Provide extended day enrichment for students and parents who have a need for out of school time activities. 

What would $100 do for our organization?
Help to sponsor a school interested in holding a creative arts or arts integration workshop.

What would $250 do for our organization?
Provide a professional development training experience for teachers to integrate the arts into their classroom.

What would $500 do for our organization?
Allow a child to participate in summer programming where creative, academic, and enriched social experiences will take place.
Pictured above, LTYC LEARN Virtual Arts Camp
This summer at LTYC we've kicked our arts programming into full virtual mode! We've embraced our new normal to serve youth near and far with live online arts instruction, workshops, virtual field trips and lasting experiences. Our students have received classes from arts educators in dance, theatre, creative writing, music, visual arts and more!

We're thankful to partner with organizations such as Enoch Pratt Free Library, Elev8, Howard County Government Children's Board, Baltimore Junior Academy and more to close the gap in summer learning loss through the arts.

In addition, our LTYC LEARN Virtual Arts Camp has been a huge success, serving youth ages 8-13. We're nearing the end of camp, but there is still time to enroll for the last two weeks. Click HERE for more information and to register!
Workshop Wednesday's "The Healing Art of Song Writing" with Emily Hall
LTYC LEARN's color wheel project
Thanks to the generous support of individuals and foundations, we met our $100,000 fundraising goal! In the next several weeks, 10,000 booklets will be handed out through community partners and at designated pick-up locations (TBD)! Kits include the Baltimore Summer Arts Passport activity booklet (available in  English  and  Spanish ), a watercolor set, sketchbook, colored pencils, a sharpener and a glue stick neatly packaged in a matching tote bag!  
This is an unprecedented collaboration that will bring Baltimore arts and cultural experiences right into the hands and homes of 10,000 Baltimore City youth this summer. THANK YOU to all of the partners, donors, and volunteers who made this project possible!
Check out the  website  to see the final Passport booklets and to find updates on distribution locations. 
AEMS BLOG POST: #WeAllDeserveArts
#WeAllDeserveArts: Students deserve arts education now more than ever.

LTYC's Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT recounts her journey as an arts educator and leader in this month's AEMS blog.

"The arts have always been part of my life. I knew at a young age that I wanted to take my talents not to Broadway or to a movie screen (much to the dismay of my family), but to a classroom, to inspire the next generation of artists, arts educators, and leaders. I have always believed that everyone should experience and have access to opportunities in the arts, especially our youth. This is something not only that we all deserve, but it’s something that we need and should require for our children."
On June 26, 2020  LTYC  partnered with  Center for Urban Families, Stand Up Baltimore, Baltimore City Public Schools and the Black Fathers Foundation  to host a  Black Fathers Pledge Rally . To all the fathers who answered our call - thank you for taking the pledge and making the rally a success!

Take a peek at the event recap video below!
Behind the scenes with Chef Aaron Taylor, Atlas Group & Dr. Dermell, LTYC Founder & President.
This Spring, LTYC launched the "Conversations" series featuring local artists, activists and community leaders who are producing change and making an impact throughout Baltimore and Maryland. The interview segments were hosted by LTYC's Founder & President, Dr. Dermell . If you missed the interviews, click HERE to view the segments featuring Eze Jackson, Farajii Muhammad, Rain Pryor , and more!

Taping has resumed and we will be releasing a new set of interviews featuring Delegate D. Antonio (Tony) Bridges (Baltimore City District 41), Vonnya Pettigrew (CEO, Root Branch Productions), Chef Aaron Taylor (Atlas Group) and more community pioneers. Stay tuned for updates!
Behind the scenes with Vonnya Pettigrew, CEO & Executive Director of Root Branch Productions, LLC.
Behind the scenes with Delegate D. Antonio (Tony) Bridges (Baltimore City District 41) & Dr. Dermell, LTYC Founder & President
The submission deadline is July 31, 2020
LTYC is continuing our ART Now   initiative beginning in August 2020 and expanding our resources. We are seeking ART Now FY 21 Proposals from artists and arts educators to deliver a 15-20 minute lesson. Individuals may apply and submit more than one proposal. The submission deadline is  4:00 pm ET, Friday, July 31, 2020 . Click below to download the Request for Proposal specifics and submission details.
"Using the Creative Process to Discuss Social Justice."

Course description : The arts are a powerful tool for healing, transformation and collaboration. In this course, participants will tackle tough social issues using the arts as a tool to gain inspiration, discuss personal meaning, address bias, and ultimately create an awareness that will equip them for their return back to students in our current climate.

LTYC has virtual and in person PD courses that are affordable relevant, and engaging! We are here to meet your professional development needs.

Click the link below to view more PD offerings and book today!
This past June, MOST along with various Youth Development organizations facilitated a series of regional visioning sessions to contribute to innovations and experienced based recommendations for youth. Each session was intended to produce a local summary that contributed to the the production of a set policy and action recommendation for the Youth Development field to state and local decision makers. LTYC was among the list of supporting organizations.

Click below to watch the Howard & Anne Arundel Counties Youth Development Recovery Visioning session moderated by MOST Executive Director, Ellie Mitchell and LTYC Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT .
LTYC partnered with local Influencers and Leaders in Baltimore that advocate for their communities and arts education. View the PSA featuring:

  • LTYC Founder & President, Dr. Dermell
  • Composer & Conductor of The Soulful Symphony, Darin Atwater
  • Artist, Educator & Political Candidate, Rain Pryor
  • Political Strategist, Stefan Walker
  • Speech Pathologist, Teresa Buchheister
  • Radio Host, Speaker, Writer & Community Organizer, Farajii Muhammad
  • Artist, Creative, & Social Influencer Eze Jackson
  • Political Candidate & Community Activist, Carlmichael 'Stokey' Cannady

LTYC is on a mission to elevate, educate, and empower young people in our community. If you believe the arts should stay in your child's school, please join our cause! Learn more ways that you can support LTYC and to donate by visiting https://ltyc.net/donate .
Here's a list of virtual resources for arts learning you can try.
Don’t worry. We have you covered! Here are a few educational packets for grade levels K-12. Click the links below to download the packets.
Grades K-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12
Healthy eating and nutrition plays a major part in building a strong immune system and your overall health. Here are a few suggested healthy immune system-supporting foods that Dr. Axe recommends for kids and adults. Read more on Dr. Axe.

  • Fruits: apples, oranges, lemons, limes, kiwi, papaya, melons, berries
  • Vegetables: bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale, cauliflower
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts
  • Seeds: chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds
  • Protein Foods: grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, free-range poultry, eggs, tempeh, yogurt, legumes
  • Whole Grains: couscous, quinoa, brown rice, oats, farro, barley, buckwheat
  • Fats and Oils: avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter
  • Herbs and Spices: ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper
  • Beverages: green tea, kombucha, coconut water, kefir
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc. is committed to developing positive social development, academic success and creativity in the minds of today's youth. LTYC integrates arts and education to develop an enthusiasm for learning that transfers into increased academic performance and positive youth development. As part of our team, you'll join a dynamic group of professionals who are passionate about arts education and the future of today's youth.

We are actively recruiting for the following open positions:

  • Expansion Coordinator
  • Office Leader
  • Development Coordinator
  • Executive Coordinator
  • DC Metro Staff Recruiter
  • Creative & Performing Arts Instructors
  • On-Call Instructors
  • Arts Interns & Volunteers
Would you like to make a difference and provide a deserving youth access to performing & creative arts? Please help us continue to make an impact in the lives of our future leaders.
CAMP DATES: JULY 13, 2020-AUGUST 14, 2020

Need to enrich your children this summer? Help them make the most of their time with interactive arts camps taught by experts, artists, and practitioners. Each week and session consists of five days starting on Monday and ending on Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. Themes change weekly so sign up for one session, or as many as you like! Multiple sessions means a variety of arts experiences and opportunities.

Enjoy daily sessions in the following contents:
LTYC LEARN's Virtual Arts Camp is 5 weeks of online arts for students and families. Through live virtual classrooms, portfolio creation, virtual field trips and home-based projects, LTYC LEARN camp will ignite creativity and inspire us all to reimagine the art of learning. LTYC LEARN is a space to share ideas and resources, access creative opportunities and experiences and collaborate with a network of other arts lovers your age.

In addition to the virtual learning that will take place, students will receive a digital badge at the conclusion of a session. This digital badge represents a student’s achievements with a link to a portfolio of evidence. A college, employer, or teacher could view a portfolio and student-generated work.
If you would like to partner with LTYC and see a program near you, please email partner@ltyc.net.
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc.
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