As I have had the opportunity to participate and lead virtual sessions, trainings, and webinars over the last month, I am increasingly impressed by artists, educators, and leaders coming together to collaborate and support one another throughout this pandemic. There are so many resources available to us all, and I am inclined to think that this time has sparked creativity in everyone-even those who do not self identify as an artist. This has made us think outside the box, and develop experiences that we never would have thought of without these circumstances: virtual parties, galas, museum tours, and concerts. It has been an amazing opportunity for access for all. Being able to reach individuals that we never could. I remain excited about possibilities, hopeful for opportunities, and joy-filled with how the arts and arts education is shaping our futures. We are committed to continuing to serve and impact all communities, families, and youth through the arts. Please join us!
Dana Carr, MAT
Executive Director

Our featured partner this month is Maryland State Arts Council, an agency of the State of Maryland Department of Commerce, Division of Tourism, Film and the Arts. MSAC plays a vital role in advancing the arts in Maryland by providing leadership that champions creative expression, diverse programming, equitable access, lifelong learning, and the arts as a celebrated contributor to the quality of life for all the people. The agency awards grants to not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations for ongoing arts programming and projects, individual artists, and provides technical and advisory assistance to individuals and groups. MSAC established an Emergency Grant fund to provide arts organizations and independent artists with support during the COVID-19 global pandemic. 64 arts organizations throughout the state were awarded funding. LTYC is amongst the list of recipients for the 2020 MSAC's Emergency Grant !
“The arts are an important economic generator in Maryland, but they are also vital to our quality of life and rich culture.”
Kelly M. Schulz, Maryland Commerce Secretary

LTYC's Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT (pictured above)
It is LTYC's mission to keep our hands on the pulse of the community and continue to make an impact and spread love even in times of crisis. On May 13, 2020 we teamed up with Park Heights Renaissance for a Spring L.O.V.E. Drive event to distribute food boxes sponsored by the Maryland Food Bank, as well as household supplies, learning packets, arts kits, and hand sanitizer sponsored by LTYC. We were able to serve over 100 families to provide support and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Councilwomen Sharon Green Middleton who represents District 6 was present and pitched in to make the day a success. It was a great day to give back to the local community in the 21215 area.

In addition, on May 16, 2020 our community outreach continued in collaboration with Empowerment Temple for another giveaway event. While maintaining social distance measures, families were able to drive-up to receive donations of fresh produce, food boxes, and LTYC curated packages of arts kits, learning packets, laundry supplies and more! Serving over 150 families, many expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the charitable contribution and resources.
Park Heights Renaissance Executive Director, Yolanda Jiggetts, LTYC's Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT, District 6 Councilwoman, Sharon Green Middleton, LTYC Executive Administrator, Lauren Blackwell (pictured above from left to right)
Parent & Community Outreach Coordinator , Brianna Parker (pictured above)
LTYC's Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT (pictured above)
Our longstanding partner Arts Every Day hosted online sessions featuring teaching artists and arts organizations for a roundtable discussion to share ideas and resources with one another around virtual engagement for students.  LTYC's Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT was one of the featured leaders to provide insight and reflections during the sessions.

If you missed the sessions, you can view them here:

Yesterday's Virtual Convening in partnership with DC Collaborative was a huge success! Our Executive Director, Dana Carr, MAT facilitated a workshop to examine ways to engage and expose families to transformative creative experiences.

To find out more ways to engage families creatively, email  info@ltyc.net
This year United Way's Do More 24 initiative synced up efforts with #GivingTuesdayNow – a global day of unity during these unprecedented times. Along with hundreds of other non-profits, LTYC participated in the giving campaign on May 5, 2020 and hosted DJ Dance Parties on Instagram LIVE. With the support of our generous donors and local and international DJ's including DJ Louie Flacco, DJ 5Starr, DJ Rod Madd Flava, DJ Stakz, and DJ Chill Will, LTYC raised over $10,000 . It was a day of dancing, celebrating, and giving back to a worthwhile cause-- equitable access to arts!

If you missed  Do More 24 , click below to view the press release highlighting the event and view footage from DJ 5Starr's Live Party!
Like many other businesses and organizations, LTYC's team is teleworking, providing digital instruction and facilitating meetings virtually. To say the least, we miss our staff and their physical presence! During these times we have to find creative ways to engage and stay connected to our team. We are participating in a Virtual Photo Challenge to showcase our favorite things during quarantine. The submissions are still rolling in and we can't wait to see the individuality! Here are a few of our favorite submissions below. More to come!
LTYC Lead Instructor, Eirin Stevenson (pictured above)
LTYC Community & Parent Outreach Coordinator, Brianna Parker (pictured above)
LTYC Education Associate, Sarah Ross (pictured above)
"Conversations" is a series of interviews hosted by LTYC's Founder & President, Dr. Dermell with special guest artists, activists, and politicians including Darin Atwater, Rain Pryor, Eze Jackson, Farajii Muhammad & more! The interviews feature topics including arts education in schools, how art shapes the world, and how we can empower our youth through the arts. To hear the full interviews, press play below or visit our YouTube page #LTYCNET .
Featuring Mr. Eze Jackson , Baltimore Hip-Hop Artist, Social Influencer, Founder of EPIC FAM
LTYC's Founder & President, Dr. Dermell sits down with Mr. Jackson to have a candid conversation about his experience and the personal impact of the arts in his life.
Featuring Mr. Carmichael 'Stokey' Cannady , Community Activist, Entrepreneur & Political Candidate
LTYC's Founder & President, Dr. Dermell interviews Mr. Cannady to discuss his experience and love for the progression of Baltimore City and his desire to be a change agent.
LTYC partnered with local Influencers and Leaders in Baltimore that advocate for their communities and arts education. View the PSA featuring:

  • LTYC Founder & President, Dr. Dermell
  • Composer & Conductor of The Soulful Symphony, Darin Atwater
  • Artist, Educator & Political Candidate, Rain Pryor
  • Political Strategist, Stefan Walker
  • Speech Pathologist, Teresa Buchheister
  • Radio Host, Speaker, Writer & Community Organizer, Farajii Muhammad
  • Artist, Creative, & Social Influencer Eze Jackson
  • Political Candidate & Community Activist, Carlmichael 'Stokey' Cannady

LTYC is on a mission to elevate, educate, and empower young people in our community. If you believe the arts should stay in your child's school, please join our cause! Learn more ways that you can support LTYC and to donate by visiting https://ltyc.net/donate .
Here's a list of virtual resources for arts learning you can try.
Don’t worry. We have you covered! Here are a few educational packets for grade levels K-12. Click the links below to download the packets.
Grades K-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12
Healthy eating and nutrition plays a major part in building a strong immune system and your overall health. Here are a few suggested healthy immune system-supporting foods that Dr. Axe recommends for kids and adults. Read more on Dr. Axe.

  • Fruits: apples, oranges, lemons, limes, kiwi, papaya, melons, berries
  • Vegetables: bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale, cauliflower
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts
  • Seeds: chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds
  • Protein Foods: grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, free-range poultry, eggs, tempeh, yogurt, legumes
  • Whole Grains: couscous, quinoa, brown rice, oats, farro, barley, buckwheat
  • Fats and Oils: avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter
  • Herbs and Spices: ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper
  • Beverages: green tea, kombucha, coconut water, kefir
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc. is committed to developing positive social development, academic success and creativity in the minds of today's youth. LTYC integrates arts and education to develop an enthusiasm for learning that transfers into increased academic performance and positive youth development. As part of our team, you'll join a dynamic group of professionals who are passionate about arts education and the future of today's youth.

We are actively recruiting for the following open positions:

  • Expansion Coordinator
  • Office Leader
  • Development Coordinator
  • Executive Coordinator
  • DC Metro Staff Recruiter
  • Creative & Performing Arts Instructors
  • On-Call Instructors
  • Arts Interns & Volunteers
Have you visited the LTYC SHOP ? Head over to www.ltycshop.net to see our branded apparel, hats, and accessories!! Items are available online for purchase at www.ltycshop.net ! Stay tuned for updates and new releases!


This month features the "Art Is Life" Mask, which is now available for purchase. Click below to show your support and purchase today!
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CAMP DATES: JULY 13, 2020-AUGUST 14, 2020

Need something to enrich your children this summer? Help them make the most of their time with interactive arts camps taught by experts, artists, and practitioners. Each week and session consists of five days starting on Monday and ending on Friday, either in the morning or afternoon. Themes change weekly so sign up for one session, or as many as you like! Multiple sessions means a variety of arts experiences and opportunities. We're adding new details every day so be sure to check www.ltyc.net often! 

Enjoy daily sessions in the following contents:
LTYC LEARN's Virtual Arts Camp is 5 weeks of online arts for students and families. Through live virtual classrooms, portfolio creation, virtual field trips and home-based projects, LTYC LEARN camp will ignite creativity and inspire us all to reimagine the art of learning. LTYC LEARN is a space to share ideas and resources, access creative opportunities and experiences and collaborate with a network of other arts lovers your age.

In addition to the virtual learning that will take place, students will receive a digital badge at the conclusion of a session. This digital badge represents a student’s achievements with a link to a portfolio of evidence. A college, employer, or teacher could view a portfolio and student-generated work.
Exploring Theatre and Storytelling for Grades K-5

MCA's Summer Theatre Education Workshops in partnership with LTYC
DATE: 7/25/2020 & 8/ 22/2020     
TIME: 10am-11am  

(Option to sign up for one or both dates!) 

Description:   Theatre is all about bringing stories to life! Youth will explore places, people, and objects to collaborate to create their own unique performance using drama, movement and design. Theatre games are incorporated to help students to be able to creatively express their thoughts and feelings, as well as learn the basic elements of storytelling.  
Improvisational Theatre for Grades 6-12

MCA's Summer Theatre Education Workshops in partnership with LTYC
DATE: 7/25/2020 & 8/ 22/2020     
TIME: 11:30am-12:30pm  

(Option to sign up for one or both dates!) 

Description:   Improvisation skills are the foundation of any successful performance. Teamwork, listening, spontaneity, and thinking on your feet. Youth will use improvisation exercises to increase performance skills, awaken creativity and learn to work with others to accomplish common goals. Scenes developed out of this creative process will result in youth writing brief, original scripts to share and test out with the group.  
"Expressions from the HeART" is a FREE professional development series for leaders and creatives who are looking for supports and resources to utilize during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. These trainings will speak to mental health practitioners, leaders of organizations and schools, artists, educators and anyone who is interested in how the arts, education, leadership and mental health intersect. Presenters will share useful practices and techniques in their area of expertise that can be immediately applicable as we navigate a reimagining of our professional, personal, artistic and spiritual selves. 
Please join us, and feel free to share within your networks. Well see you virtually soon!
Lost In Creation
 Facilitator:  Sarah Ross Educational Associate, LTYC

Date:  June 9, 2020
Time:  2PM

Lost in Creation highlights the power of creativity in a space that feels hopeless for people navigating transitions in life. In this workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to story-tell with some creative writing exercises. Anyone can be a storyteller but there are techniques that will make your words memorable and come alive to your audience. Learn how to enliven your artistic spirit by getting lost in a process that will leave you inspired and motivated to think creatively.

Leading Creatively During Challenging Times
 Facilitator:  Dana Carr, MAT Executive Director, LTYC

Date:  June 23, 2020
Time:  2PM

When we are faced with challenges, uncertainty, and having to make decisions quickly, we often forget about the artist within us who is inspirational, transformative, and above all else, creative. Learn to tap into your inner artist to lead your team in a most powerful way! Breathe, reflect and prepare to utilize your gifts to realize your full potential, and that of those around you!

If you would like to partner with LTYC and see a program near you, please email partner@ltyc.net.
Would you like to make a difference and provide a deserving youth access to performing & creative arts? Please help us continue to make an impact in the lives of our future leaders.
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc.
PO BOX 1213| OWINGS MILLS, MD 21117 | 443-261-LTYC |  WWW.LTYC.NET