As we move into a new year, let us not forget the trials, tribulations and challenges that we endured last year. Let us acknowledge our triumphs that emerged from those hardships, and be glad that we are still standing, we are still here, and that the lessons from last year are going to make us stronger, more grateful, and with a heightened ability to be able to adapt in 2021. This year is already off to a great start, with the swearing in of the first female, first Black and first Asian American Vice President. This defining moment in our history paves the way not only for young girls, but for all of us to dare to dream, and do the work to make any of our dreams a reality. LTYC dares to make this our best year yet with fresh initiatives, renewed purpose, and bravery to approach and conquer what is unknown. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

“There is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it." -Amanda Gorman
Dana Carr, MAT
Executive Director

Join LTYC and friends for our Annual Luncheon to learn more about LTYC's mission and vision and newest initiatives to impact youth and families through arts education. This FREE event will be held virtually on February 16, 2021 at 12PM featuring Host, Dionne Joyner-Weems of the AudaCity Group, Keynote Speaker and Owner of Mess In A Bottle, Kalilah Wright, a cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Aaron Taylor of the Atlas Restaurant Group, a live performance by Artist Brave Williams, creative collaboration, a virtual arts gallery, and much more!

The first 100 registered guests will receive a curated Partner Pack that will include giveaways from our sponsors, special ingredients for the cooking demonstration, materials for the guided art exercise and more. Limited quantities remaining.

We are seeking local artists, entrepreneurs and creatives in the DMV who are interested in sharing and selling their artwork in our virtual art gallery and agree to donating 25% of the proceeds sold to the organization. The gallery will be showcased prior-to and after the event for a limited time for direct purchase by event attendees. If you are interested in participating and learning more about the event and any vending opportunities, please complete the VIRTUAL ARTS GALLERY INTEREST FORM. Accepting submissions through January 29, 2021.

Accepting Nominations for the
2021 LTYC Community Arts Leadership Award!

The LTYC Community Arts Leadership Award recognizes individuals for their roles as community leaders in the arts. This leadership may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, through both formal and informal roles, including appointed, elected, or volunteer positions along with other membership organizations, consortia, and associations representing the arts community. This winner will be announced during our upcoming Partner's Luncheon on February 16, 2021. See below for details.

Accepting submissions until February, 5, 2021.

We are thrilled to announce the extension of our Howard County Scholars Program throughout June 2021. Over these last 5 months, we've served over 100 students from over 10 middle schools across Howard County. Students in this program have received over 100 hours of arts instruction including photography, theatre, music, culinary arts, dance, visual arts, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. In addition, students have received over 45 hours of instruction in social and emotional development, social justice, and college and career readiness. Students have also participated in over 5 special topics workshops and masterclasses including defining their dreams and professionalism. We look forward to providing continued support for the county, our scholars and their families.
If you missed the virtual showing of our Howard County Scholars Winter Showcase on 12/23/2020, click below to view!
The PACE Team seeks to bring parents and community members into a closer relationship with LTYC with the goal of working together to better support our mission to benefit communities through arts programming. As an organization, we are committed to empowering youth to excel in the arts, academics, and social development. Through our programs, we seek to teach youth the fundamentals of leadership and encourage them to use their gifts and strengths to promote success and balance in their lives. We believe that our work has captured the bigger picture of what today’s youth require and what they are capable of achieving. The inaugural PACE Team will work to further these goals by engaging team members in the work we are doing, by exploring feedback and ideas generated by team members, and by providing resources and opportunities to team members to support their communities in their individual lives.
Arts ARE Education is a new national campaign in support of arts education for all students.

Looking Ahead to the 2021-2022 School Year

All PreK-12 students have the right to a high-quality school-based arts education in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts taught by certified professional arts educators in partnership with community arts providers. As a well-rounded subject area under federal education law, the Every Students Succeeds Act, music and the arts support the social and emotional well-being of students, foster a welcoming and safe school environment, and encourage inclusivity through multiple pathways for every child’s creative voice.  
Our annual L.O.V.E. Drive continues to make its mark in 2021 by impacting our community of youth and families. Thanks to our generous partners at the Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), we gifted 40 students at Beacon Heights Elementary with new book bags full of art supplies. These students now have access to art materials that will benefit their participation in our virtual visual arts and 1:1 classes.
The Peabody Dance! Festival is an annual celebration of Dance in the City of Baltimore, MD and beyond. This years festival will take place on January 30th-31st in collaboration with the Baltimore Black Dance Collective to curate a wonderful selection of virtual performances, classes and workshops. LTYC's dance instructor Ms. Shianne Antoine is one of the featured choreographers.
LTYC LEARN is an online arts learning system for educators, students and families. Through virtual classrooms, a professional learning suite, leadership institute and direct service programs, LEARN will ignite creativity and inspire us all to reimagine the art of learning. LTYC LEARN is a space to share ideas and resources, access creative opportunities and experiences and collaborate with a network of arts lovers, advocates, and practitioners.
  • Inspiring the next generation of artists, educators, and leaders
  • Discovering the possibilities of arts education in a whole new way
  • Transforming learning, one artist at a time 
Join us to Creatively Connect. And LEARN!
Do you know youth who are interested in teaching the arts? We are looking for qualified youth in grades 6-8 that live in Baltimore City to participate.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this FREE program please email dana.carr@ltyc.net for more information.
Give to Arts Education through Your Workplace Giving Campaign!

Now more than ever it is essential for youth to stay connected to the arts. Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center has partnered with United Way to make it easy for you to donate in support of arts education. As the fall workplace charity giving season is just around the corner, remember what a difference you can make in the lives of youth by connecting them to quality arts programming.

Provide the following United Way identification number to your workplace giving campaign to donate to LTYC:

Does your organization hold a yearly charity giving campaign event? Let us know! We would love to come share how LTYC’s youth programs strengthen communities and change lives. 

What would $25 do for our organization?
Cover the cost of instructional materials for one student.

What would $50 do for our organization?
Provide extended day enrichment for students and parents who have a need for out of school time activities. 

What would $100 do for our organization?
Help to sponsor a school interested in holding a creative arts or arts integration workshop.

What would $250 do for our organization?
Provide a professional development training experience for teachers to integrate the arts into their classroom.

What would $500 do for our organization?
Allow a child to participate in summer programming where creative, academic, and enriched social experiences will take place.
The next episode of "The Show About Tomorrow" will air on February 6, 2021 at 1PM on Facebook Live featuring Kendrick "DJ 5 Starr" Tilghman. Hosts Dr. Dermell, Eze Jackson and Lady Brion will discuss current national happenings and the future of Black families in Baltimore. Stay tuned for updates and show details.
If you missed the last TSAT episode, we've got you covered!
Want to show your support to our arts based nonprofit in a fashionable way? Make a donation today by visiting the LTYC SHOP and receive an item of your choice from our featured apparel and accessories at www.LTYCSHOP.net.
All monetary support, donations, and proceed portions benefit LTYC’s Development Fund. The Development Fund provides resources for field trips, arts supplies, expansion, scholarships, experiences, programming discounts, charitable donations, and community outreach.
Are you interested in collaborating with LTYC SHOP? We're seeking partnerships with local businesses, artists, students, educational institutions and more! For more information, please contact us at shop@ltyc.net
Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center, Inc. (LTYC) is committed to developing positive social development, academic success and creativity in the minds of today's youth. LTYC integrates arts and education to develop an enthusiasm for learning that transfers into increased academic performance and positive youth development. As part of our team, you'll join a dynamic group of professionals who are passionate about arts education and the future of today's youth.

We are seeking an Expansion Team Coordinator & Expansion Team Members to support the organization. If you have experience in sales and building relationships, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to hr@ltyc.net

Here's a list of virtual resources for arts learning you can try.
Don’t worry. We have you covered! Here are a few educational packets for grade levels K-12. Click the links below to download the packets.
Grades K-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12
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  • Herbs and Spices: ginger, garlic, cinnamon, black pepper
  • Beverages: green tea, kombucha, coconut water, kefir
If you would like to partner with LTYC and see a program near you, please email partner@ltyc.net.
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