Bite-Size Blog #69 -- January 13, 2017

My Go-To Lunch in Minutes
by J. Morris Hicks

The Mexicano Pronto. I call it Mexicano because it contains rice, beans, and avocado with optional salsa. I call it Pronto because it's super fast. Here's a photo of yesterday's lunch at our place in Vermont, where our dishes are Elk-themed with antlers.

The key is cooking the rice and beans once a week and having them sitting in the fridge. I keep each in a separate ZipLock bag; it keeps the contents moist. I also pre-cut the veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, etc. Here is my sequence for preparing the meal:

First. I fill up a medium sized bowl with the pre-cut veggies, spray them with Braggs Liquid Aminos and sprinkle on some Braggs Nutritional Yeast. Then, I cook them in the microwave for two minutes.

Second. While the veggies are cooking, I put the brown rice and black beans on a large plate. Then I cut the tomatoes, other cold veggies, and 1/4 of an avocado that I will use later.

Third. When the cooked veggies are done, I pile them on top of the rice and beans, add more Braggs and/or other seasonings and cook for another 90 seconds or so.

Fourth. I add the sliced tomatoes, carrots, salsa, avocado, etc. on top and begin the final process of savoring every single bite--and I NEVER get tired of this meal. 

The "whole" preparation takes five minutes and the meal scores high in the 4Leaf range with over 95% of the calories from whole plants.
One more thing. Notice that the meal is 2/3 whole veggies and 1/3 whole grains and legumes--a ratio that will serve you well. 

J. Morris Hicks

PS: Remember, the same simple diet that promotes
vibrant health and helps your body seek its ideal weight--is the same diet that will nurture our fragile ecosystem and save our civilization. After all...

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