"Never Again Is Now" Rally - Powerful Event
LUM Immigration Clinic Participates in Rally
Last Sunday, the LUM Immigration Clinic staff members attended and participated in the "Never Again Is Now Rally" organized by the Interfaith Leaders of Greater Lafayette. ILGL members planned the rally at St. John's Episcopal Church, stating that the members are "horrified at the conditions in the detention centers on our borders, wherein children are abused, denied medicine, refused soap and toiletries, and are forced to sleep in freezing temperatures on concrete floors. This dehumanization is immoral!"

Lafayette Urban Ministry was one of the event sponsors, and the Rev. Susan Brouillette, the LUM Immigration Clinic director, was an invited speaker (pictured above). Other speakers included the Rabbi Michael Harvey from Temple Israel representing t he Interfaith Leaders of Greater Lafayette , Purdue Professor Jay McCann representing the Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies and Annabel Prokopy, 10th grade student at West Lafayette High School (and daughter of LUM program director, Josh Prokopy) . Each speaker was well received, and the rally drew more than 300 participants and local media. The overarching message throughout the rally was that, "Our community will not stand for these violations of human rights." For more information, please email interfaithleadersgl@gmail.com .
Two Unique Experiences Benefited LUM
Thanks to East End Grill & the Samara House Trust
Two local events, offering one-of-a-kind, unique experiences, benefited the LUM Good Samaritan Fund , an emergency financial assistance program for local families.
East End Grill hosted a Dining & Wine Experience , which included an incredible four-course meal with wine pairing. This event raised $1,000 . (Pictured above.)
The second event was the Samara Experience , which was an intimate tour of the John and Catherine Christian  House ( Frank Lloyd Wright home) and closed with a lovely reception. This event raised $540 . (Pictured above.)
Special thanks to the following...
  • LUM Board Members: Alee Gunderson, Joan Low & Cheryl Fowler (pictured to right)
  • LUM Member Churches: The Church of the Blessed Sacrament & Unitarian Universalist Church of Tippecanoe County
  • Our sponsors: East End Grill & the Samara Trust
  • All who participated in the Dining & Wine and Samara Experiences

One hundred percent of the money raised at these two events ( $1,540 ) will assist local children and families in financial crisis. If you wish to support the LUM Good Samaritan Program , please make a donation the LUM Good Samaritan Fund .
LUM Shelter Benefits from NCHS Grant
North Central Health Services Awards $963 to LUM
North Central Health Services recently awarded the LUM Emergency Shelter a grant in the amount of $963 to purchase equipment to launch a video program to address addiction.

Addiction and homelessness are directly correlated. At the LUM Emergency Shelter there has been a focus on addiction including a nightly support group for the guests. With this grant money, LUM was able to launch a new, creative video series program to enhance the focus on addiction. During check-in each afternoon, at dinner and at breakfast, a series of videos are played for the guests which focus on addiction in a wide array of different, inspiring, creative and often entertaining ways. So far the video program has been well received by the LUM shelter guests. LUM is committed to addressing addiction with our clients and shelter guests and is confident this new program will have a positive impact.

Special thank you to NCHS for their support of Lafayette Urban Ministry and the Emergency Shelter . LUM would not have been able to offer this program without the support of NCHS and this grant. If you wish to invest in the LUM Emergency Shelter and this program, please make a donation online.
Volunteers Needed - LUM Citizenship Classes
LUM Citizenship Classes Begin July 16
The  LUM  Immigration Clinic in collaboration with Lafayette Adult Resource Academy offers free Citizenship Classes for persons interested in learning more about US history and government. Summer session classes begin on  July 16 , and are held twice a week until August 15.

This program could not be offered without a team of talented volunteer teachers. Volunteers are also needed to assist the teachers and to bring refreshments. Spanish speaking volunteers are especially needed. For more information about how to volunteer this summer, click  HERE .

The James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship at Purdue University donated textbooks, maps & teacher’s manuals and also assists with developing the framework for the lesson plans. LUM is grateful for the partnership with LARA and the Ackerman Center. If you wish to donate to support these classes, click HERE .