LUM Volunteer Opportunities in 2021
Wes's Weekly Wrap Up - Time, A Gift from God
In this edition of Wes's Weekly Wrap Up, Wes Tillett, LUM executive director, encourages YOU to give your valuable time to LUM. Volunteering with LUM helps your neighbors and benefits you too. See below for how to get engaged today.
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Benefits of Volunteering with LUM
Empathy | Engagement | Energy | Experience
Did you know?
There are many benefits to volunteering with LUM. Serving your community not only helps others but also has benefits YOU! You gain experience, become more empathetic, are happier and reduce your stress.

There are many different opportunities for volunteering at LUM, from working one-on-one with a child to helping run the homeless shelter. Check out the current volunteer needs listed below.
YOUTH Programs - Volunteers Needed
The LUM After School Program needs volunteers from 2 to 6 p.m., every weekday. Volunteers are needed to tutor, read to students, give spelling tests and supervise the children. Please consider signing up NOW to volunteer for this important ministry and make a difference in the lives of children. For more information, click HERE or call or email the LUM Youth Programs director, Kristi Hogue (765-423-2691 |

DINE to DONATE | Tues., Jan. 19
Another tasty way to support the LUM After School Program is to participate in the Dine to Donate event ALL DAY on Tuesday, January 19 at Mad Mushroom in Lafayette. For more information, click HERE.
FOOD Assistance - Volunteers Needed
The LUM Protein Food Pantry relies on donations from individuals, churches, companies and groups; and needs volunteers each Thursday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

FOUR ways YOU can help the LUM Protein Food Pantry are as follows:
HOMELESSNESS Services - Volunteers Needed
The LUM Emergency Shelter needs Overnight Shelter Volunteers 365 nights a year from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. or 8 p.m. to midnight. (Shelter volunteers must be at least 18 years old.)

Four Ways YOU can help the LUM Emergency Shelter are as follows:
TAX Assistance - Volunteers Needed
This year due to strict COVID-19 protocols, the LUM Tax Assistance Program needs more volunteers than usual.

LUM has developed a "no contact" plan to get taxes done, and volunteers are needed. Many of our clients will be getting their tax information to us online. However, there will be plenty of clients who lack either the technology or the confidence to do that. LUM is offering "no contact" sessions every weekend from February through April where clients can drop off their materials and get them scanned. All interactions with clients will happen through a glass door using a drop slot to collect materials.
The LUM Tax Assistance Program needs volunteers to help:
  • Verify client IDs and collect their documents
  • Scan their documents and get them uploaded to a secure site
Tax time can be scary, and without the normal in-person tax clinics that our clients are so used to, this year is likely to be scarier than most. YOU can make things a little easier, and provide a valuable service to the struggling families who rely on LUM to get their taxes done. If you would like to find out more, please email the Tax Assistance program manager, Josh Prokopy, at
A Fortunate Few Donate Stimulus to LUM
“Paying It Sideways” – Donating Stimulus Check
Lafayette Urban Ministry has recently been the grateful recipient of stimulus funds from individuals “Paying It Sideways.”
  • One local family shared that, "We just donated our stimulus payment to the (LUM) Good Samaritan Fund so LUM can give it to people who really need it."
  • Another shared that, "I hope during this difficult time that my stimulus check can go farther in your hands helping those who really need it!"
  • A third family shared that, We knew that our family did not need the stimulus money and wanted to donate it. We wanted the money to benefit our community and knew that LUM was a good place to give. Our family is happy to support LUM, and would encourage others to do the same.

LUM continues to be right on the front lines of this crisis, helping local families with emergency financial assistance and nutritious food, and helping individuals with safe shelter. If you have decided to use your stimulus money to help others less fortunate and don’t know how, LUM is a great option. LUM enables YOU to give anonymously and with the peace of mind that your gift will be well-utilized to quickly help people in our local community.
Action Alert: Support Pandemic Relief
Ask Indiana's Lawmakers not to overturn
Gov. Holcomb's Veto of Housing Bill - SEA 148 
With a long COVID-19 winter settling in, the Campaign for Hoosier Families urges you to reach out to Indiana's state legislators NOW to tell them why it's important not to overturn Governor Holcomb's veto of SEA 148 this session.

Indiana families can't afford a veto override that would negatively affect rental housing and could expand homelessness. To get started, click HERE.
Urge Congress to Pass Bipartisan Pandemic Relief Bill

Also, please contact your senators and representatives in Congress to urge them to enact newly-released legislation NOW that includes $25 billion for emergency rental assistance and a one-month extension of the federal eviction moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To get started, click HERE.
Other Legislation to Watch & Support
  • STATE - House Bill 1136 Paid family & medical leave program. For more information, click HERE. Share the bill and thank the authors on social media (on Twitter, @campbellh26 and @DavissonforHD73). Connect with your legislators to ask for their support
  • FEDERAL - National partners are circulating a letter to Congress urging support for the FAMILY Act. It is very similar to the Indiana bill, providing 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, serious health conditions, and family care. To sign on, click HERE (even if you signed a similar letter in 2019, you will need to sign again to be included)
Honoring LUM Staff – Celebrating Historic Year
Persistence | Passion | Love | Determination
This past Tuesday, the dedicated staff members of Lafayette Urban Ministry gathered at Lafayette Brewing Company for the annual LUM staff appreciation lunch to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of 2020, a unique & historic year. The success of LUM last year can, in part, be attributed to the Persistence, Passion, Love and Determination of each member of the LUM staff.
Thanks to Lafayette Brewing Company management and staff for creating a safe environment for our annual luncheon as well as for great food & service. Pictured L to R are Pablo Malavenda, Eileen Weiss, Wes Tillett, Nancy Emig, Gayle Koning, Briton Weise, Patrick Renfroe, Linda Hicks, Minnette Trent, and Nina Morgan.