LUM's Impact - So Far This Year - 2018
From Joe Micon, LUM Executive Director
It’s hard to believe that it’s October already!

Just two months ago, the LUM staff was deeply engaged in summer programs — and now in a blink of an eye it’s time to get ready for Jubilee Christmas , Port of Hope , the Community Thanksgiving Celebration and the Turkey Trot 5K Run !

You’d be impressed with the impact that LUM has had on the families, children and individuals in our community. So far this year, 3,945 different low-income households have been served by LUM. Lafayette Urban Ministry has nurtured and educated children, sheltered families, fed the hungry, helped the homeless become self-sufficient, supported the legal immigrant, and given HOPE & HELP to the faceless and voiceless.
All of this is due to the faithful work carried on every day and night by LUM.

Here is a better snapshot of LUM’s impact (through September 30, 2018):

Thanks to your special friendship and generous support, LUM continues to make our community a better place for all of its citizens. Please remember LUM through the final three months of 2018 by participating in one of our upcoming events, volunteering, and by giving a generous financial gift! God bless you for all you do that allows LUM to make a difference with the families in our community.
New LUM Klinker-Alting Family Advocacy Intern
Meet Angela Weaver - New LUM Intern
Angela grew up in Wheatfield, Indiana and graduated from Kankakee Valley High School. She and her husband, Kyle Brown, currently live in West Lafayette with their beagle, Bailey. Angela & Kyle grew up together and are both students at Purdue. She will complete her degree in three years this May with a bachelor's in Law & Society. After she graduates, Angela plans on working in advocacy within Indiana government.

At LUM , Angela is an intern with the  Campaign for Hoosier Families .
LUM Fall Events - Attend, Donate, Volunteer
fundraising event for the LUM  Immigration Clinic
Thursday, November 8 | 5:30-8 p.m.
Lafayette Brewing Co., 622 Main St, Lafayette
$40 per person
November 22 | 8 a.m. start time
Cattail Trail Loop | Parking - Walmart, West Lafayette
$35 per person
November 22 | Noon-2 p.m.
Central Presbyterian Church, 31 N 7th Street, Lafayette
Free to All
Has HUNGER HIKE Reached Its Goal? NOT Yet!
4 Ways You Can Still Help - Reach $115,000 Goal
Each year at this time about 85% of the Hunger Hike goal has been reached. So it's important that you still raise funds and give generously. Here are four ways you can still help Hunger Hike 2018 reach its goal:
  1. Make a Donation NOW, HERE
  2. Support a Hiker or Team, HERE — then click TEAM tab
  3. If you have a First Giving page or team — send it out again to all of your contacts asking for more donations, HERE.
  4. Purchase Hunger Hike T-shirts - $10 for $15 | for $30 - To get yours, please email While supplies last.
Remembering the Greatest Jumper in History
Annual Commemoration of Raymond Clarence Ewry
On the 81 st anniversary of his passing (September 29), Ray Ewry, the greatest jumper in Olympic history, was remembered for his athletic achievements as well as his career in the field of mechanical & civil engineering. There was a short commemoration, including the laying of 10 yellow roses at his grave marker one rose for each Olympic gold medal he earned in jumping events. { Pictured L to R: Joe Micon , LUM executive director; Judith & Dick Leill ; and Indiana State Representative Sheila Klinker .}

Lafayette native and Jefferson High & Purdue graduate, Ray Ewry was diagnosed with polio at age seven, eventually recovering, going on to be an engineer and Olympic gold medalist. To read more about Ray Ewry, click HERE.