LUSH Cosmetics Awards AISJ $16,000 for
Voter Engagement & Environmental Justice Project
Alabama Institute for Social Justice (AISJ) is proud to announce it has been awarded $16,000 in funding from LUSH Cosmetics to support a Voter Engagement & Environmental Justice Project, which is designed to increase voter turnout for Alabama's 2020 elections through voter registration drives, canvassing, issue education, and transportation to the polls, as well as research to aid in addressing the wastewater management issue impacting impoverished communities in Alabama.

"LUSH is thrilled to support Alabama Institute for Social Justice in their movement to end voter suppression and the enforcement of antiquated water laws in the state,” said Hilary Pickles, Charitable Giving Ambassador and Communications Developer for LUSH Cosmetics, North America. "We are proud to join the fight for social and environmental justice in Alabama."

In celebration of this new collaboration, Lenice Emanuel, executive director of AISJ, stated "We are continuously encouraged in our efforts to advance a more just society through our partnership with LUSH Cosmetics, a company that is dedicated to supporting grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental justice and human rights."

AISJ understands the necessity of intentionally forging the critical connections between the roles of elected officials and the needs of minority communities. Enabling individuals to use their power at the polls helps to ensure leadership that best serves their interests. This unique partnership with LUSH Cosmetics allows AISJ to augment its voter engagement strategy and to continue its priority of addressing dire environmental impacts, suffered predominantly by African-Americans, in some of the poorest counties in Alabama's Black Belt Region.
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