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Biddy was pulled from an Amish Puppy Mill in Central Ohio on Oct.21. She was around 6 yrs old when she came to us two weeks ago.  We noticed early on that her breathing was labored and she used her stomach muscles to help inhale. She couldn't really bark so we knew she had been debarked. But we had NO idea how serious her condition was going to end up. On Monday she was taken to the Rascal Unit in Columbus Ohio for evaluation. 
After a series of xrays and evaluations it was determined that surgery was needed to open her trachea and help her breath.

Surgery was performed Nov. 3, 2015 to correct the damage done to her larynx.The layers of scare tissue on her larynx is so extensive that a second surgery will be needed to give her easier breathing. She had serious bleeding during her surgery and they needed to rest her, give her steroids and hope she will recover enough to complete the procedures.
This morning Biddy is in extremely critical condition. And I am angry. My husband and I are her fosters. This should NEVER happen to a dog! is inhumane, cruel and barbaric with absolutely no logic.

Do you know what DEBARKING is and how Amish Puppy Mills do this to their dogs and why? The why is easy...they do not want barking dog complaints drawing attention to their breeding farms.
The how? A metal rod is jammed down their throat. Sounds horrible doesn't it? 

And think about her recovery...she will suffer such pain as her throat heals and she learns to swallow again. 

If you can help support Biddy's surgeries and recoveries it will be greatly appreciated. 
We save one dog at a time....and this time, we need a little help!

UPDATE- 11/6
Improvement!!! She is stable, breathing easier, eating a little bit and generally showing signs of improvement. She is still in doggy Intensive Care in Columbus at the Rascal Unit.

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DON'T SHOP Pet Stores that sell puppies.....and tell them why...they are supporting Puppy Mills !!!

Who We Are
Luv4K9s is a non-profit rescue
run entirely by volunteers. Our goal is to find "forever families" for our very deserving dogs. Our dogs range from owner released dogs to abandoned, abused, and puppy mill rescues. We also take in dogs that are deemed "not adoptable" by shelters and give them a safe haven where they will receive medical care, nutrition, and love until an approved home is f

Luv4K9s wants to reduce the number of unwanted pets by altering all dogs in our re-homing program. We also strive to educate the public about the importance of altering pets and explaining that owning a pet is a LIFELONG commitment. 

Luv4K9s is run entirely by volunteers. We do not receive any government support. We operate with funds generated entirely from adoption fees, fundraising, and donations. To support LUV4K9S click the DONATE button below. 

Luv4K9s is based in Dayton, Ohio. 

Thank you again for all you do.
Without YOU we would not survive. It is through your generosity that we are able to continue our pledge to help dogs in need of shelter, care, homes and most of all the LOVE you provide. 

Every pledge, small or large helps LUV4K9S continue our mission of saving dogs, one dog at a time.
And when you adopt one of our special friends, you become a part of our family. We thank you for taking the time and patience that adopting a rescue dog can take!


Melody and all of the volunteers with LUV4K9S

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