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February Salon Newsletter

Thank you for trusting your hair with us.
We Have Upgraded Your Level of Comfort
with three new shampoo bowls/chairs that cradle your head in relaxed support. Plus, we have also added 8 new styling chairs the salon floor.
Treat yourself with eyelash extensions
In case you haven't heard, Mea is doing eyelash extensions in one of our private rooms. Call or text to book your appointment today.
lash extensions
Halo pony
Do you like the idea of extensions but don't want to wear them full time? Then check out HALOCOUTURE. These versatile, temporary extensions come in a variety of styles and lengths. Plus, we have samples to try on. Make a consultation appointment to see how a Halo would look like on you!
We Specialize in Natural-Looking Hair Extensions
Because we carry stock of human hair and are experts at color matching, we often will use several different shades of extensions in your hair to achieve a vibrant, rich, natural-looking result that you will love. Why wait for your hair to grow out when you can have long, full hair today! Check out our extensions page for details.
Is Your Hair Color Ready for a Change?
Winter is almost over and the sun is starting to make a more frequent appearance. Let us help you to chase away those winter blues by providing a fresh new color!
Leslie's Links
Here are a couple of Leslie's favorites
Optimum Health Institute - Helped remove toxins from her body and kick-started her journey to better health!
Thrive Market Online organic grocer where she gets healthy snacks and supplements for smoothies at great prices that can be difficult to find anywhere else. Click this link for 25% OFF your first order.
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