Lone Wolf has been offering a variety of ported barrels for some time. Popular amongst competitive shooters, barrel porting eliminates a significant amount of recoil and muzzle flip, by channeling the gases out the top of the barrel. The result is better weapon control and more accurate follow up shots.

Externally 2 ported barrels are longer than stock barrels but reduce muzzle rise by 50% or more. There is no reduction in bullet velocity when compared to stock barrels.

Internally 4 ported barrels are the same length as a stock barrel and can reduce muzzle rise by 75% or more. The drawback is that carbon will be blown onto the front sight. The carbon is easily removed with any firearms solvent. There will also be a 5% to 8% reduction in bullet velocity when compared to stock barrels.

For maximum muzzle reduction, the 6 port barrel is the way to go. This porting option has both an internal 4 port and an external 2 port.

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Lasermax is offering special Spring savings on all purchases of their guide rod and Uni-Max lasers. If you've been thinking of getting one of these laser systems, now is the time! This offer is only valid through June 20th 2014.

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The fifth annual Craig Boddington Fishing Tournament is just around the corner! Catching a big fish could land you a $75,000 hunting trip with the game of your choice!

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