February 2016
Celebrating 100 Years of Water Management
Since 1915
Get to Know the LWDD Board of Supervisors
An introduction to Supervisor James M. Alderman
James M. Alderman
In January, James M. Alderman was elected by his fellow Board Members to serve as the 2016 Board President. Supervisor Alderman was first appointed to the Board in February 2003 and has continually served since that time. He represents  Sub-District 1, which is generally located south of Okeechobee Boulevard to north of the Boynton Beach/Delray Beach and from State Road 7 to the Florida Turnpike.

Recognizing that the District's community has transitioned from open agricultural lands to residential and commercial areas over the past 100 years, Supervisor Alderman's priority is maintaining and rehabilitating the District's canal system to provide effective flood control and water supply. He is focused on the removal of encroachments on the canal rights-of-way to ensure unobstructed water flow and emergency access which is vital to the health and safety of all District residents. 

Supervisor Alderman is a graduate of the University of Florida and a self-employed farmer. As a fifth generation Floridian, he is actively involved in preserving and protecting Florida's critical natural resources. 

The District is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors. Over the next several months, each Supervisor will be featured in our newsletter providing an opportunity for residents to get to know the LWDD Board.
Managing Vegetation Growth in Canals
Two methods used to control aquatic vegetation in canals
The District regularly treats and removes aquatic vegetation in canals to maintain the flow of water and facilitate effective drainage and flood control for communities in southeastern Palm Beach County. In order to accomplish this task, the District utilizes both mechanical and chemical treatment to remove unwanted vegetation.
Given the proliferation of aquatic vegetation in Florida's tropical climate, it is necessary to use herbicide treatment to control vegetation growth. When applying necessary herbicides, the District strictly adheres to the rules and regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). District employees applying chemical treatments are trained and certified annually on the proper application and handling of all herbicides used.   
To reduce the need and application of herbicide treatment, the District has invested significant resources in the mechanical removal of aquatic vegetation.  Enhanced vegetation booms have been installed to better capture and corral nuisance vegetation and floating debris, allowing a specialized grapple truck to access and mechanically remove the material. The use of these enhanced booms also reduces the need for herbicides by facilitating a more centralized and controlled application rather than treating entire reaches of canals. For more information on the District's aquatic vegetation program, visit the District at www.lwdd.net or contact us at info@lwdd.net.   
Winter Brings Wet Weather
El Nino produces a wetter than normal winter  
A strong El Nino is making this winter wetter and colder than normal. The El Nino effect allows cold fronts and the jet stream to move farther south and thus sets the stage for more severe weather events. Click here to watch a video produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that discusses the El Nino phenomenon. 

At the District's February Board meeting ,Tommy Strowd, Director of Operations and Maintenance, reported on water and weather conditions for areas within the District's boundary. He shared that South Florida experienced the wettest January since recordkeeping began in 1932, receiving a record setting 476% of average rainfall. To view the entire presentation, click here

Unlike tropical storms and hurricanes which forecasters can see approaching days in advance, severe rainfall events can develop quickly. Residential communities and property managers are advised to continue to be vigilant with flood control maintenance to ensure that control structures, swales, drains and outfall pipes have an unobstructed flow.  Residents should stay tuned to TV or radio stations when storms develop and follow any emergency instructions from authorities. A variety of flood control resources can be found on the District's website at www.lwdd.net/property-managers-hoa.

Doing Business With The District

Online procurement for services and goods
The District purchases goods and services throughout the State of Florida. Our procurement practices promote fairness and are consistent with applicable laws, policies and procedures. Notices of formal solicitations are posted on the District's website and businesses can register to receive email notices when opportunities are available. For more information or to register your email address, visit the District's website www.lwdd.net/doing-business.
The District also auctions and sells surplused equipment and vehicles online at www.govdeals.com.
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Water Manager's Lingo
National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929 (NGVD 29):            A nationally established reference for elevation data in lakes, canals and other water bodies. Usually measured in feet, NGVD29 is the elevation above or below mean sea level.
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