February 2017
Perfect Time For Drainage Maintenance
During this dry season, take time to get flood-ready for the upcoming rainy season
The National Weather Service in Miami announced that South Florida's dry season officially started October 17, 2016. This date is determined by lower dew points, less rain and an end to the traditional summertime weather pattern of daily afternoon thunderstorms. The dry season is estimated to end during May 2017.

Residential communities can use the dry season to prepare for the rainy season by conducting inspections of their drainage infrastructure. This includes underground drainage pipes, discharge control structures and inlets. Keeping these items clear of debris and in good condition will help prevent flooding. For more information on flood preparedness, visit our website at www.lwdd.net.
Palm Beach County's Emergency Notifications
Receive phone, text or email alerts about emergencies and other important news by signing up for AlertPBC. This new system enables Palm Beach County Emergency Management to provide residents and visitors with critical information quickly on a variety of situations, such as severe weather, missing persons and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods. To register for AlertPBC, please visit www.readypbc.com.
Bids, Quotes, Qualifications
Doing business with the District
The District purchases goods and services throughout the State of Florida. Our procurement practices promote fairness and are consistent with applicable laws, policies and procedures. Notices of formal solicitations are posted on the District's website and businesses can register to receive email notices when opportunities are available. For more information or to register your email address, visit the District's website at  www.lwdd.net/doing-business
Alligator Encounters
Safely live with alligators found in our water ways
Alligator sightings may occur anywhere there is water such as lakes, ponds and man-made canals. Although almost exclusively a fresh-water species, they have also been found in brackish water.  While alligators and Floridians usually coexist peacefully, there have been recorded attacks and occasional fatalities. The key to staying safe is being alert to the possibility of an alligator's presence.   
Residents should not swim or wade in areas where alligators are likely to inhabit, especially at dusk or night when they naturally feed.  Feeding of alligators in Florida is illegal. When people feed alligators, they lose their natural fear and associate humans with food.  It is important to keep children and pets away from the water's edge wherever alligators are likely to be present. Do not allow dogs to swim or explore waters that are known to have alligators.  Visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website at www.myfwc.com  for more information. 
H2O Fun Fact
If all of the water vapor in the Earth's atmosphere fell at once and was distributed evenly, it would only cover the earth with approximately an inch of water.
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