September & October  2017
Hurricane Highlights Importance of Maintenance
Canal Rehabilitation Program reduced recovery efforts
Recovery Crews After Hurricane Irma
During recovery efforts from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, it was evident that the District's Canal Rehabilitation Program is working. Post-storm assessments reflected no structural flooding, minimal damage to the canal system and a reduced need for vegetative clean-up. The District's recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma required far less resources than that of past storms in bringing the flood control
system back to fully operational.
Many people in Palm Beach County live along a District canal. In order to enhance their properties, they sometimes plant vegetation or place other encroachments such as fences and sheds on the District's rights-of-way. Encroachments are a public safety issue because they can cause canal blockages, obscure sightlines for visual inspections, slow the progression of drainage and impede access for maintenance and emergency response. Free flowing canals and unencumbered access along the rights-of-way are critical components to overall public safety and flood control.
As part of the District's Canal Rehabilitation Program, staff vigorously enforces a policy of unencumbered canal rights-of-way within the District's boundaries. Depending on the condition of the site, 
rehabilitation projects may include the removal of vegetative and both structural and non-structural encroachments. Additionally, the dredging of the canal channel and reshaping of the canal bank may be required. More information on canal maintenance can be found on our website at
Board Approves Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
Reflections on Capitol Improvements in budget
The Lake Worth Drainage District Board of Supervisors approved the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget at their monthly meeting on August 16, 2017. The $17 million budget provides dedicated funding for capital improvements on critical water control structures, enhanced canal rehabilitation efforts and implementation of SCADA technology to allow for the remote operation and monitoring of the flood control system. Property owners receiving flood control and water supply services from the District will be assessed $48 per acre or portion thereof. The annual assessment is reflected on the Palm Beach County's proposed and final property tax statements distributed to landowners. The approved budget summary is available on the District's website at

Questions regarding the budget or accuracy and identification of lands within the District's boundaries should be directed to our office at 561-498-5363. All other questions regarding your property tax statement, other assessments or payment schedules should be directed to  
PBC Tax Collector  at 561-355-2266.
Storm-Related Debris Removal
What you should know about storm debris removal
Following a storm event, the District conducts immediate post-storm assessments, inspecting water control structures and clearing debris from canals and rights-of-way. Debris reports submitted by staff or property owners are individually reviewed and prioritized for vegetation removal as follows: 
  • High Priority - Vegetation is in the water and threatening drainage.
  • Medium Priority - Vegetation is blocking the right-of-way and encumbering access or vegetation is significantly leaning over waterway and could be a potential future threat to drainage.
  • Low Priority - Vegetation originating on the District right-of-way and significantly occupying or fallen onto private property.
    • Please note, the District will not dispatch crews for removal of individual branches or to trim trees that are not leaning more than 50% on private property.
Vegetation that has fallen or leaning from the District right-of-way into private property but does not threaten flood control will be scheduled for removal after the District has completed removal of high and medium priority vegetation. The District estimates that removal of medium priority vegetation will be completed by the end of the 2017.    
Private property owners that wish to trim vegetation that has fallen or is leaning on their property from the District's right-of-way may do so at their discretion and expense.   Any debris from trimming or tree removal by property owners must be disposed of by the property owner or, if applicable, the contractor performing the work. It is unlawful to place any debris on canal rights-of-way and illegal dumping will be reported to authorities.  
If access to the District's right-of-way is necessary to trim or remove vegetation, the property owner should receive prior approval from the District for right-of-way access and provide an executed hold harmless agreement.   Likewise, if the District must access private property to remove vegetation, the property owner must provide an executed hold harmless agreement prior to start of work. If fallen debris has damaged personal property, the individual property owner should contact their insurance company to submit a claim. The District will not directly reimburse property owners for damage. Email your debris removal questions to
Reaching Out Through Social Media
Social media is a great way to connect with our residents
Subscribing to the District's  Facebook and/or  Twitter accounts is a fast mac_book.jpg and easy way to stay up to date with information that directly concerns property owners such as emergency alerts, severe weather updates, special events and public service announce-ments. Click on the social media links above and join the LWDD community!
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