March 2019
Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

The League of Women Voters is a national, political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in their government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.  The League is non-partisan and as an organization does not endorse or oppose candidates or political parties.

Annual Meeting
Your Vote Counts
Annual Meeting
May 15, 2019
Midland Country Club

5:30 - Social Time (cash bar)
6:15 - Dinner
7:00 - Keynote Speaker
8:15 - Business Meeting

Our keynote speaker is Sally Williams, Michigan Director of Elections, speaking on "Election Issues: 2018 and beyond."

Business Meeting
  • Adoption of Local Program for 2019-20
  • Proposed Budget for 2019-20
  • Election of Officers, Directors, and Nominating Committee
Please use this form to make your dinner reservation.   Dinner Reservation form
Reservations due by May 6. Please send reservation form and check for $30 to Karen Sherwood, 6005 Millbrook Dr, Midland MI 48640.

The information for the Annual Meeting has been mailed.
Local Program 

The Local Program will be presented to the membership for a vote at the Annual Meeting. 

What is Program? This is the process through which we establish our Positions on public policy. The Board met and reviewed our Local Program. We use this to set our priorities for the coming year.

How does this work? This year, there have been no major changes made in the Program. However, updates to the Implementation sections reflect the activities we expect to undertake to support the Program goals. For instance, under I. Protect the right to vote of every citizen, we added "Monitor implementation of voting rights and redistricting commission implementation. Communicate relevant information to prospective voters." This represents our pledge to follow implementation of Proposals 2 & 3 which were passed in the general election of 2018.

What do I do? Read the document, paying particular attention to the Implementation sections, and think about how you can help with these goals.

(You will receive this document in the mail with your Annual Meeting information.)

In the Proposed Local Program (above), under Implementation, it says "Find new coordinator for 2020 season." We need to have this person in place by September. The LWV of the Midland Area has supported Great Decisions in Midland for many years. Each year the coordinator orders the program materials, distributes them to participants, collects money, and sets up groups. If you are interested in coordinating this valuable program, please contact Kim Steinke, or 860-321-1983. 

Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs.  The program model involves reading the Great Decisions 
Briefing Book , watching the  DVD  and meeting in a  Discussion Group  to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today.

The Budget - where does the money come from, where does it go?
You should receive a printed budget in the mail in the next few days.

Each year at the annual meeting, the membership approves an annual budget. The budget reflects the events and activities the board plans to support in the coming year, in this case, 2019-2020. Special expenditures can be made with a vote of the board if needed, but otherwise we stick to what is in the budget.

Revenue - where the money comes from
Dues (sect. H.) are $60 per member (household, $90; student, $5 - LWVMI and LWVUS do not charge for full time students). Of that, $31 goes to the LWVUS and $23.90 goes to the LWVMI to support their services and program. We keep $5.01 per person.

Fundraising (sect. K.1.) Sponsors of ads give us $100 per year to have their ad on our newsletter and on our website. This raises about $2300.

Contributions (sect. I.) We receive unrestricted contributions from members and non-members. We also solicit contributions for the Voters Guide and for the Education Fund. The Education Fund contributions are tax deductible, and should be made out to the LWV-EF.

The other revenues, K.2, Great Decisions, K.3. Annual Meeting and K.5. Holiday Gathering are "pass through" accounts. The league pays for the Great Decisions books and for the meals for the Annual Meeting and Holiday dinner ahead of time and collects the revenues from the participating members.

This year, we have a special line (K.6) for the 100th Anniversary Fundraising under revenue and under expenditures (B.6.c.) 100th Anniversary Celebrations.

Expenditures - Where does the money go?
Funds are used to support operations and programs of the League.

Expenditures are represented in budget lines A-G and should be self explanatory. There is a page describing the budget categories available.

A. Operations are annual expenses and only change when prices go up. The Insurance (A.2.) is liability insurance for the board, officers, meetings, etc. carried by the LWV of Michigan.

B. Board & Administration - includes supplies for performance of the officers, room rental for meetings, and non-program events.

C. Delegates & Affiliations - we pay for registration and expenses for delegates to the State convention and the National convention. These occur in alternate years. The Annual Meeting expenses are also in this category.

E. Newsletters - the subscription for the Constant Contact email newsletter The Voter.

F. Educational Activities - This important section of the budget reports expenses our League incurs providing Educational Activities. These expenses include costs for broadcasting on MCTV, putting on programs related to national, state, and local issues (rent, speakers, handouts, etc.), and for activities related to services for voters. F.3. Voter service experiences most of its expenses in even years, when we have general elections. We do solicit donations to help cover the Voters Guide expenses.

G. Position Support - M oney spent to support a local, national, or state position is recorded on this line. For example, dues to the Lake Michigan Region League and costs shared with Zonta for a billboard supporting equal pay are two expenses that have been accounted for on this line.

Category L.  RESERVES
If, during the process of budget planning, the EXPENDITURES are greater than REVENUE, there are three possibilities to balance the budget:
1. Cut Expenditures
2. Increase Revenue
3. Use Reserves
This year we are anticipating once-in-a-hundred-years expenditures for a 100th year celebration. Therefore, this budget proposes direction #3 - use reserves to balance the difference between budgeted expenditures and budgeted revenue.

If after reading this, you have questions, please direct them to Katherine Redwine, President (989-859-5597) or Karen Sherwood, Treasurer (832-3533).
Events Planning meeting
Thursday, June 13,  11:30-1:30 - - Pizza Sam's. 

Please join us at Pizza Sams to discuss events we would like to have this coming fall and winter. Order at the counter and staff will deliver your meal to the meeting room. You should try to arrive about 11:15 to order your meal. This is your opportunity to suggest speakers or events.
From LWV of the United States
Congressional Recess
This week kicks off a two-week Congressional recess, when Senators and Representatives will be back in their home states and districts. This is a great opportunity for Leagues to reach out to Senators to support the  For the People Act . Last month, this bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives and was introduced by Senator Udall of New Mexico, but there has yet to be a Senate hearing scheduled. Please refer to  our talking points on the bill  as you continue to advocate for this comprehensive package of democracy reforms.

League Supports the Dream and Promise Act

LWVUS supported the introduction of HR 6, an important bill that provides permanent protections for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) beneficiaries. The bill would help approximately 3.6 million Dreamers, and it helps families stay together to secure long-term economic stability, as well as enabling thousands of students to pursue their education and career goals. 
Upcoming Events

5/15 - Annual Meeting - Midland Country Club. 
Sally Williams, Michigan's Director of Elections will be the keynote speaker. She will speak about  "
Election Issues, 2018 and Beyond." See reservation information, above.

6/13 , 11:30-1:30 - Events Planning meeting - Pizza Sam's. Please join us at Pizza Sams to discuss events we would like to have this coming fall and winter.

6/18 - Pontoon boat ride and dinner at Sanford Lake bar and grill

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Board Members
The board meets the First Thursday of each month at Creative360, 9:30-11:30. No meeting in June or July. All members are welcome. 

President - Katherine Redwine
Treasurer - Karen Sherwood
Secretary - Judy McDowell
VP Membership - Carol McPherson
VP Program -  Judy Donahue
Director, Voter Service - Sue McCollister
Director, Voter Service - Kim Steinke
Director, Natural Resources - Carole Swinehart
Director, Natural Resources - Sandy Collinson
Director, Sandy Haughton
Director, Webpage - Julie Schmidt
Director, Print Media - Cathy Heng
Director, Sharron Such
Director, Terry Townley
Director, Bay County Convener - Pam Saddler

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The LWV of the Midland Area can always make good use of donations.

You can make unrestricted donations to the LWV of the Midland Area. These are not tax deductible.

You can make tax deductible donations to the LWV - Education Fund. These funds are used for educational activities.

You can also donate to special projects such as the Voters Guide or 100th Anniversary celebration.

Checks should be made out to LWV - Midland Area or LWV - Education Fund. Send to Karen Sherwood, Treasurer
6005 Millbrook, Midland, 48640


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