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Co-President's Message 
by Fran Kapinos and Judy Lotas

Co-Presidents' Message
Fran Kapinos and Judy Lotas

Our Annual Meeting is on schedule for Thursday, June 4, but instead of a luncheon, we will participate via Zoom at 10:15, signing in between 10 and 10:15.  A link will be sent to all on Tuesday, so please be looking for it. Let Fran know if you are able to join us at fkapinos@aol.com. Michele Barnes, Director of Dare Board of Elections, will present information beginning at 10:30.  We have asked her to focus on voting by Absentee Ballot since many citizens will prefer to be safer during this time of COVID-19.  The remainder of the meeting will focus on installation and meeting the new Board of Directors.  

We wish to thank all of the current board for their time and hard work contributing to the success of our League.  Although our in-person events have had to be postponed since mid-March, we have been busy planning for the coming year, especially with the November elections coming up.  In addition to national, we have state and local positions on the ballot in NC. Check VOTE411.org for candidate information after the ballots are available in early September.  Local Candidate Forums will probably be held virtually in October.  

Regarding participation in the Zoom Meeting, Judy and I can set up a practice session with anyone wishing to learn.  You don't need a video camera on your computer, but you do have to set up an account for yourself on www.zoomus.com, which will then give you an icon on your desktop.  As an alternative you can also call in as a teleconference, but will only have audio.  Email Fran or Judy at  judylotas@gmail.com.


Mark your calendars!

June 4  Annual Member Meeting via Zoom at 10:15 with Guest Speaker, Michele Barnes, Dare Board of Elections Director, Installation of 2020/2021 Board Members, Budget, etc. To see agenda, click HERE

June 17 - Planning Retreat for Board Members via Zoom at 9:30

Aug. 19 - Board Meeting 10:15-12 (Zoom or KDH Library)

Aug. 26 - Women's Equality Day (Member get-together?)
Sept. 17 - 100 th Anniversary Celebration at Hilton Pier House, 5:30-8:30 PM, Details Coming Soon

Sept. and Oct. - Voter Registration, Voter Candidate Forums, Voter Services, Vote411, Early Voting Period

Nov. 3 
- Election Day 
Treasurer's Report
by Nancy Birindelli   
With the current crisis, the Belk Charity Day Sale scheduled for May was cancelled since the store was closed.  Belk is planning a special event on June 13 and 14, all day, both days.  There are no $5.00 tickets for organizations to sell, but the proceeds from the two days will benefit the children of Dare County's first responders - what a great idea!  There will be pre-sale days now until June 12.  The store will hold a Charity Day Sale for non-profits in August for back-to-school (if there is such a happening!),  Your LWV will participate in that event - more later.

At the Annual Meeting held via Zoom, members will have an opportunity to approve the annual budget for 2020-2021.  Since the extent of the fundraising is not known at this time, the budget has been reduced by $3,000 in anticipation that donations will not be as extensive as in previous years.  The contributions that are tax deductible are held in a special account at LWV-NC.  When LWV-Dare has expenses that are authorized to expend that money, a reimbursement is requested and our subaccount pays for the expense.  The largest use of the funds is for the printing of the annual Citizens Guide, but monies can also pay for half of the LWV-NC and LWV-US dues.  Again, with no expectation of a great fundraising year, those payments have been reduced in the proposed budget to reflect the lowered fundraising - the numbers represent 1/4 of the dues not 1/2.  The budget was sent to all members as an attachment to the email about the ballot that indicated what would be voted on at the Annual Meeting.  If anyone has a question about the proposed budget, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Stay safe and healthy.
Education Webinar
by Fran Kapinos
by James E. Cofield, Jr.

We are Done Dying
recommended article by James E. Cofield, Jr.

Good evening Colleagues,
The past few months have confirmed for many what the African-American community already knew-this country will continue to treat Black lives as disposable, unless we take-action.
As we (NAACP) continue to fight for equitable relief for communities of color through policy and community development, this becomes our finest moment as the voice for Black America to stand firmly and say we will no longer stand idle as our people are discriminated against, marginalized and offered as disposable for poor decisions by this Administration. We are done being quiet, done being overlooked, done settling-   #WeAreDoneDying
With this mission and resolve in mind, the NAACP will launch its   #WeAreDoneDying   social media advocacy campaign beginning on   Thursday, May 7th, 2020.   The campaign will focus on highlighting the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the African-American community and the NAACP policy demands needed from the state and federal levels of government.  
  • Amplify the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the African American community
  • Demand legislation that would thwart racial inequities that have been highlighted as a result of this pandemic.
#WeAreDoneDying campaign launch will begin Thursday, May 7th, 2020 and will include:
  • All NAACP online platforms (Website/Social Media) being updated to reflect our campaign look and feel.
  • #WeAreDoneDying Landing Page
  • #WeAreDoneDying Press Release announcing the campaign.
  • Social Media Toolkit with assets that can be used by our NAACP members and supporters to highlight the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on African American communities and make demands of their state leaders.
  • A series of email and social media communications with call-to-action demands for our congressional leadership surrounding  healthcare, economy, criminal justice, voting, and education.
We will be sharing the launch of this campaign with the NAACP universe this evening in an email communication including the campaign social media toolkit for convenient participation. For this campaign to have maximum impact and influence, we need our entire NAACP family to elevate and push these assets out on your respective social media channels.
What You Need to Do:
  1. On Thursday, May 7th, switch your social media profiles to the #WeAreDoneDying Graphics provided.
  2. Share one our suggested posts and graphics or develop your own customized posts to push out the content- feel free to offer stories, data, and quotes to the suggested social media posts.
  3. Add the #WeAreDoneDying hashtag to your social media posts.
  4. Encourage your followers to share their own messages on how this pandemic is impacting our black communities disproportionately and to make demands of their state leaders.
  5. Follow @NAACP on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and share our content via your personal accounts.
Attached you will find our social media toolkit that includes prepared language and graphics that you can share on Twitter, Facebook, or IG tomorrow upon the official launch of the campaign.
Thank you,

Welcome New Members and Membership Renewal
by Susan Merrill

We are at an all time high for active members this year in our Dare League..104! Unfortunately, we had to postpone our new member welcome breakfast but we plan on rescheduling as soon as the coast is clear!  (Ha, ha, pun intended!)  We would like to extend a warm welcome to our most recent new members Deborah Helber and Debbie Byrne.   We are happy to have you in the League and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

Our new member campaign is complete although if there are further suggestions for people you think might be interested in joining, please let me know at  semmerrill@gmail.com.  I would be happy to send them the materials. Of the new members listed above 11 have been as a result of this outreach!  Both the renewal form and the link to Paypal (where you may pay via credit card or Paypal) can be found by clicking  HERE

Thank You Letter from Community Foundation
Hello Nancy and League of Women Voters,

I hope this note finds you well!

I'm writing to share an article that appeared on the Coastal Review Online site today:

The article focuses on the Community Foundation's COVID Rapid Response Grants program and the ripple effects of the donations, from you and others, that have been turned into:
  • stocked food pantry shelves
  • financial aid
  • home-delivered meals for isolated older adults
  • weekday lunches for growing, hungry children
  • food vouchers for families
  • wi-fi access for homebound students
  • assistive devices for students with special needs
  • shelter for the homeless
...and, perhaps most importantly, HOPE that others care and that there are places to turn to in times of true need.

It is thanks to you that our dedicated Board of Directors and Staff can direct so much giving and create so much good during these disconcerting times. We can't thank you enough for your support of the Community Foundation's COVID Rapid Response Grants program.

We are extremely grateful to you. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.


MaryAnn Toboz
Development and Communications Manager
Outer Banks Community Foundation

ERA News
(CNN) - Click HERE for online article

Trump administration asks court to dismiss lawsuit to add ERA to US Constitution

The Trump administration is asking a federal court to throw out a  lawsuit from three attorneys general that seeks to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.

In January, the attorneys general of Virginia, Illinois and Nevada sued US archivist David Ferriero in US District Court in Washington, DC, to force him to "carry out his statutory duty of recognizing the complete and final adoption" of the ERA as the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

On Thursday, Department of Justice officials with the civil division filed a  motion to dismiss the case -- an expected move that follows a  January opinion from the department's Office of Legal Counsel that the deadline to ratify the ERA has expired.

In a court document, the officials argued that the plaintiffs lack standing because they haven't alleged a "concrete injury" linked to the actions of the US archivist and that the complaint should be dismissed "for failure to state a claim."

They also argue that whether states can validly rescind ratification of an amendment isn't "ripe for review" and that the plaintiff's claims would require the court to "decide issues that are non-justiciable political questions."
The same officials in April filed a motion to dismiss another federal lawsuit in Massachusetts, where the group Equal Means Equal has sued to ensure the ERA is adopted.

Supporters say the ERA would ban discrimination on the basis of sex and guarantee equality for women under the Constitution, while opponents argue many protections are already enshrined at the state level and that the ERA would allow more access to abortion.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who's leading the lawsuit in DC, condemned the Trump administration's actions.  "Donald Trump is telling the women of America that, after 231 years, they should just sit down and wait even longer for equal treatment under the Constitution. It's wrong, it's offensive, and it's shameful," Herring, a Democrat, said in a statement Friday.

"If the Trump Administration opposes a Constitutional guarantee of equality for women then they should just say so rather than hiding behind process and trying to throw the issue into (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell's hands," he added.

Virginia  ratified the ERA in January, which supporters argue was the final step toward the 38-state threshold necessary to enshrine an amendment in the US Constitution.

Efforts in the US Congress to keep the matter alive and eliminate the ERA deadline have stalled.

The Democratic-led US House in February  voted to eliminate the deadline, but McConnell has given no indication that the GOP-led Senate would take up the House resolution.

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