LWV OPRF February 21 Week in Preview
What's Popping?
Popcorn and movies, what could be better! In anticipation of the One Earth Film Festival (March 4-13), we are having a fundraiser through Double Good Popcorn, where we will receive 50% of the cost of all popcorn purchased. The popcorn store will be open only for four days, starting at 11:15am this Wednesday, February 23. Just click on this link and make your popcorn selection from the menu.  Pay with Apple Pay or a credit card and the popcorn will be delivered directly to your door! Double Good will send us a check once the time period is complete and they have calculated our portion. We have it on a recommendation from our Secretary, Mary Ann Porucznik, that the popcorn is delicious!
Remember, order your favorite popcorn only between February 23 - 27, (11:15am start and end time) and munch away at one of the One Earth Films from March 4-13, if you can wait that long! We’re also saving some of our popcorn for the virtual Eleanor Roosevelt Theatre experience on March 20. Don’t forget to share the link with your popcorn-loving friends and family too.
Eleanor Roosevelt
What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to hear Eleanor Roosevelt’s story told in her own words in a virtual performance on Sunday, March 20, at 2:00pm? Tickets are $25 and will benefit League programs.

This one-woman show presented by Schaumburg’s Lynn Rymarz is a fundraiser for the LWV OPRF. The Zoom presentation will be followed by a Q&A with Ms. Rymarz, who performs as famous women in history such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Julia Child. Go here to purchase tickets.

Eleanor Roosevelt: Her Story, Her Day, is drawn from her writings, including her long-running newspaper column, My Day. Discover the path that led her on the journey to her marriage to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to being the mother of six children, and to the White House, where she will tell you of her work during WWII. She will share with you how she gained the confidence to step out of the traditional women’s role and how she faced her fears, celebrated her joys, and grew from her struggles as a daughter, wife, mother, and friend. See and share the flyer here.
LWV IL Issues Briefing
Get briefed on information you need to make yourself heard. Join the LWV IL for their annual look at current issues as well as legislation being considered in the General Assembly. Sessions are scheduled from March 5-11, and all will be virtual. Register here one or more sessions.
March Second Tuesday
Save the Date for The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: What is it? How does it Work? Join Second Tuesday on March 8, 9:30am, to hear our new LWV OPRF member Barbara Paterick discuss the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and what it could mean nationally and for Illinois.  For additional information on the NPVIC, go here. Register here for this Zoom event coming up soon!
Ranked Choice Voting
There is a group of League members from around Illinois meeting and reading to learn more about how existing ranked voting systems work. Two women from Champaign County are leading the group. It meets the first Friday of each month at 2:30pm. The next meeting will be Friday, February 25, because the LWV IL Issues Briefing will be the first Saturday in March. If anyone wants to learn more, please contact Rosemary Heilemann.
Nonprofit Vote
Interested in learning about how nonprofits on the ground are approaching the many changing voting landscapes and ensuring the people they serve turn out to vote? On Tuesday, February 22 at 1:00pm Central Time (tomorrow!), Nonprofit Vote will host a panel-style webinar with nonprofit leaders from several states, including guest speakers Cheryl Ellis from Democracy North Carolina, and Kevin Shanker Sinha, from Civic GeorgiaAll who RSVP will receive a recording and the slides after the webinar. Register for the webinar here.
LWV IL February Update