LWV OPRF January 9 Week in Preview

Great Lakes Program Today

The Great Lakes are the largest surface fresh water system in the world and serve as drinking water for about 40 million people. The Lakes and the communities that depend on them are at risk from pollution, invasive species, crumbling water infrastructure, and climate change. Today, January 9 at 1:15pm, Joel Brammeier of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, which leads federal, state, and local action to protect and restore the lakes and clean water for people and wildlife across the region, will provide an overview of the Lakes and the risks they face and will share ideas for getting involved in their protection.  This Nineteenth Century program will be both in person and also live streamed.  Register here to join the Zoom presentation.

Feminist Four

The Feminist Four Newsletters from LWV Berkeley Heights, New Providence, and Summit, NJ, is coming to an end. Their two-year journey was started to celebrate the 20th Amendment Centennial through stories of the fight for gender equality through song. You can read the final newsletter and possibly purchase their book here. Here are some of the final comments from their president, Laura Engelhardt. "Don’t be a bystander as our freedom is whittled away. Don’t be complacent. Be inspired by the heroic actions of the feminists who have come before us. Vote for politicians committed to women’s equality. Protect our democracy by volunteering as election monitors and vote counters. Be a part of the struggle."

Great Decisions Return

Great Decisions Book discussions begin in February.  Group discussions with new 2023 topics begin in February at Maze Branch Library, 845 Gunderson, Oak Park. Meetings will then run twice a month through the beginning of June. There will also be a discussion group at Brookdale Senior Living, Oak Park. If you are interested in purchasing this year’s book or require more information about either of the group discussions, please contact chair Alex Matthews. This promises to be an exciting series of discussions about international issues exploring 8 subjects over 8 sessions. Books have arrived for this spring session, so please email Alex to reserve your book. The topics will be Energy Geopolitics, War Crimes, China and the U.S., Economic Warfare, Politics in Latin America, Global Famine, Iran at a Crossroads, and Climate Migration. A more detailed schedule will be forthcoming.

LWV IL Training

Last reminder to register now for some January training being offered by the LWV IL. This Saturday, January 14, there will be three trainings: Illinois Voter Guide at 9:30am, Candidate Forum at 10:00am, and Moderator Training at 11:00am. You can register to attend all or any of these opportunities here.

LWV UMMRR January Newsletter

MWRD FLOW January Newsletter

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