LWV OPRF June 18 Week in Preview

Women's History Walk - Sunday, June 24, 2:oo pm start at Nineteenth Century Club, 178 Forest Ave., Oak Park. "105 Years of Voting and Activism". LWV OPRF members can get $8.00 tickets in partnership with the OPRF History Museum. 

The Week in Preview will be taking the next few weeks off. As our League activities wind down for the summer months, we have fewer things to report on. If anything does come up that we feel needs your immediate attention, we will contact you. All members will be receiving membership renewal forms in the mail soon. You can mail in the form with your check or pay online at our website. Please be prompt with your renewals! We need your membership and your involvement to keep our 94 year old League going. 

The LWV US Convention is coming up next week along with annual meetings for LWV Upper Mississippi River Region and LWV Lake Michigan Region. If you are not attending any of these events that are taking place in Chicago, you can still visit our sister League's websites for updates on what happened at these events.