LWV OPRF March 26 Week in Preview
Abolish the Electoral College?
The Electoral Collage is a puzzling system that often has people scratching their heads about how it works and why we use it.  Join us for a history of the Electoral College, discussion of the impact on our democracy, and why LWV US wants us to make their position of abolishing the Electoral College a priority.  Invite your friends and neighbors to the Tuesday, March 27 presentation that starts at 7:00 pm in the Oak Park Township Senior Room, 130 S. Oak Park Ave.  We look forward to seeing you there!
Elections Over??
The Primary Elections are over. We will have a short pause in political attack ads before the November elections. Here is some election information from the Illinois Campaign on Political Reform to either depress or elate you: Cost per vote, and Party voting results
Lobby Day 
LWV IL is planning a Springfield Lobby Day for Wednesday, April 18. Mark your calendars now.  More information will be forthcoming.