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Voting rights are under attack, and dozens of states have erected intentional barriers to our right to vote, including forcing discriminatory voter ID and proof-of-citizenship restrictions on eligible voters, reducing polling place hours, cutting early voting opportunities and illegally purging voters from the rolls.

The League challenges all efforts and tactics that threaten our democracy and limit the ability of voters to exercise their right to vote. We support an accessible system of voter registration and election participation, with uniform and standardized procedures throughout the state. We believe in the election system principle that "every vote should count”. Providing for the broadest voter representation possible in elections should have a positive effect on voter participation.
Elections bills are being heard this week .
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Senate Judiciary Committee
Thursday, 9 am, Senate Hearing Room 109 (could change)
You can always come and watch, or even sign up to speak using RTS.
You can also sign up to speak at the legislature, on a kiosk outside the hearing room.

Eddie Farnsworth (R-12)
Rick Gray (R-21)
Sonny Borrelli (R-25)
Vince Leach (R-11)
Lupe Contreras (D-19)
Andrea Dalessandro (D-2)
Martin Quezada (D-29)
5735 Chair
5413 Vice Ch.
It is important to note that the time taken to count ballots in the 2019 general election
was NO LONGER than in previous elections.
But because votes were close, people got impatient. Early ballots are not the problem.
The problems have more to do with lack of equipment and staffing and a few administrative rules that can be changed.

The Bills that League OPPOSES.

SB1032 and SB1072 (Ugenti-Rita)
These bills are confusing people, and so we are using the explanation provided to us by staff in Sen. Ugenti-Rita's office.
Would require anyone who actually receives a ballot at an on-site polling location or early voting center -- including someone bringing in a spoiled early ballot -- to show photo ID.
* In our opinion, these requirements are redundant with current law. But, since League believes photo ID is a form of voter suppression, affecting more often people of color, the elderly and the poor, we do not support these bills.
1072 also will not allow voting centers to entirely replace specifically designated polling places, thus leading to hybrid systems on voting day.
* Hybrid systems are confusing to voters, and cost more because more polling places, machinery and staff are needed. Voting centers are convenient and allow flexibility and can be open for periods of time before an election.

SB1046 (Ugenti-Rita)
Would require that those receiving early ballots MUST return their voted ballot only by mail -- no more dropping off at an early voting location, or at the polls on election day. Those not mailing ballots back, who want to vote on election day, would have to vote a provisional ballot.
* This bill creates obstacles to voting. Early ballots are convenient, and increase voter turn-out.

A Bill that League SUPPORTS.

SB1054 (Ugenti-Rita)
Would allow up to 5 days after an election for early ballots to be "cured". If there is a question about a person's signature, he/she can be contacted and the ballot fixed.
* A person's vote should count if at all possible. And this bill makes the process consistent across the state. (The League intervened successfully in the GOP lawsuit against such curing, filed after the general election -- the court agreed to allow ballot curing to continue, for that election only.)
Local Leagues around the State

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